• VEGAN CUPCAKES FTW! chloe coscarelli’s huge food network victory!

    June 22nd, 2010quarrygirlnews, other, vegan bakers

    when we heard that chef chloe was competing on the the food network’s cupcake wars, we were super excited. but now that she has WON, we CANNOT CONTAIN OURSELVES!

    tonight’s episode just ended, and local vegan baker chloe coscarelli took the victory home BIG TIME. not only did the young chef compete against professional cupcake shop owners who have been in the business FOR YEARS, but she won EVERY round with her 100% VEGAN cupcakes!

    round #1: the aphrodisiac cupcake

    here’s a re-cap!…

    round #1: chloe was the clear winner although she made the only vegan cupcakes. she made a ginger nutmeg spice cake w/ a vanilla bean buttercream frosting, date drizzle and sweet almond topping. the judges were doubtful at first, but her treats won them over. they described her cupcakes as “perfect,” and raved about them non-stop.

    round #2: the three cupcake challenge.

    in round #2, the contestants were challenged to make 3 cupcake flavors in a short amount of time. again, chloe went head to head with animal ingredients and came out on top. her flavors were: chocolate strawberry shortcake, raspberry tiramisu, and dark chocolate orange. the final judge described chloe’s presentation as “flawless and beautiful,” and said she did a “fabulous” job. she received the highest marks.

    round #3 is where things started to heat up! there were two contestants left, and each was challenged to create a massive dessert display for a hollywood singles event. they were tasked with making 1,000 cupcakes in just 2 hours, complete with an epic centerpiece that would be the life of the party.

    chloe dreamed up an elaborate structure that involved fake flames and shelves of cupcakes in individual martini glasses. she changed her mind about the design during the round, and for a moment it was pretty intense, and looked like she may not finish in time.


    sure enough though, chloe pulled through. her design was awesome, and the judges loved it.

    although the round seemed like it was going to be close, the judges’ reactions were clearly in favor of chloe! she won round 3, and the losing contestant sulked that she lost to a “a vegan”. 🙂

    congrats, chloe!

    now ENJOY YOUR WINNINGS, CHLOE! you have made us all proud! we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    check out chloe’s website and follow her on twitter.

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  • DAMN STRAIGHT lost to a vegan. FUCK YEAH!

  • veganfoodwhore

    Fucking epic. This changes everything!!!!!!!

  • Unbelievable! You’re an inspiration to us all Chloe…Keep it up!

  • tuned in just in time to see the results. 🙂

  • yayayayayayay and what britt said!!!! FUCKYEAH!!!!

  • Yep, watched it tonight and was on the edge my sofa until the very end. Vegan baker done brought it! WooHoo! Congrats, Chloe!

  • Congrats to the vegan chef!! 😀

  • That’s awesome. Well done, Chole! I eat your cupcakes any time….

  • A star is born.

    Chloe has it all- young, attractive, charming, intelligent, and most importantly, talent in abundance. I look forward to seeing her career unfold.

  • Vegans never say die! woo.

  • DAMN RIGHT A VEGAN WON! HUZZAH! Congrats Chloe!!!

  • It was rigged Chloe new half the people from that show. In the battle between the chemist and the cow, I take the Cow.

  • Congrats…..!!!!

    I was laughing when the woman with the tats and the f’d up hair couldn’t believe that you couldn’t make cupcakes without butter.

    and…damn, Chloe is freakin hot…and vegan. And did I mention hot?


  • This is freaking awesome and confirms what my family and friends already knew about vegan baking: a well-done vegan cake beats the pants off of dairy and eggs ones!!! Congrats Chloe, you’re beautiful and talented and have done a great service for the cause of veganism by rocking those judges’ worlds on national TV.

  • Thanks guys for your amazing support, and thank you quarrygirl for this perfect recap!!!!!!

  • Pure Dopeness! Go Vegans!!!

  • that just goes to show that you don’t need eggs or dairy products to make cupcakes taste yummy!

  • So happy for Chloe representing the vegans!

  • This is really a milestone in veganism. Food Network has been so reluctant to do anything vegetarian, let alone vegan, but hopefully this will show them that the market is ready for it! Congratulations Chef Chloe!

  • Agree with raspberryrush. Big milestone. Thank you, Chloe!! And congrats!

  • SWEEEEET! I missed this, but it airs again on Saturday….DVR set!

  • might I add a shallow note – that Chloe was the cutest one of them all! vegans show ’em how it’s done 🙂

  • Wouldn’t it be great to have a vegan cooking show on the Food Network? If anyone could do it, it would be Chloe! Maybe we should petition the Food Network…? Let’s strike while the iron (and Chloe) is hot!!!

  • Congrats Chloe! you are the Vegan Martha Stewart. Keep going strong.

  • This is awesome! Job well done, Chloe! Your natural talent and creativity and of course your amazing culinary skills and overall sweetness, represented vegan desserts, and essentially vegans in general, in a positive light on the Food Network. That is a huge feat and you did it by just being you. Amazing. I know the Food Network will have you back for sure and I hope you will continue to represent vegan cooking and/or baking on the Food Network. Oh and thank you for sharing the orange chocolate cupcake recipe with us through Veg News. Could you be anymore sweeter?


  • “Wouldn’t it be great to have a vegan cooking show on the Food Network?”

    I don’t even cook but yes, I totally agree!! A vegan cooking show would be lovely, I hope we see one soon.

  • Wow, I don’t have a TV so I hope I can see this episode online or somewhere. This is a good interview on vegnews:

    Since the TV show was probably filmed ages ago I’m sure she must have been bursting with excitement holding the secret in.

  • SWEET! Check out Chole’s blog for the chocolate strawberry shortcake cupcake recipe!


  • I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan but I was rooting for Chloe all the way!!! CONGRATS TO HER!!! It’s great to see someone who brings diversity to the Food Network win a competition. And not only that, her cupcakes looked divine!!

  • PS: She should have her own show!!!!

  • Great competition and yes..the Food Network definitely NEEDS a VEGAN show. Chloe is amazing. Congrats to her.

  • I was soooo happy that Chloe won! I’m vegetarian and looking for ways to go vegan all the time (the “vegetarian” part came naturally).

    Chloe–you are the beautiful face of veganism:)

  • Yay! Her cupcakes look beautiful!

  • You go girl! Finally something vegan on food network!

  • Terrible. Chloe didn’t even finish her display. the award should have been given to the carpenter for making that display. she only got about maybe a hundred or two on the display…cupcake wars is a dumb show where mediocre wannabes(“chef chloe”?) try to make something out of a minimal number of ingredients. watch chopped. thats a real amateur cooking competition.

  • i bet those cupcakes are dry has hell. you know they were Chloe…admit it.

  • this follows the same as when Kara lost to that loser. The judge couldn’t stab into Chloes chocolate brick in the second round..

  • Yea Finally a VEGAN wins !!!!!

  • Real Deal, what loser are you talking about. That woman won fair and square. Yes, her cupcakes are good but Kara shouldn’t have been in the competition with others who are trying to get established. At any rate, the competitor’s butterfly display was better and more in tune with what the organization was looking for and she had some good cupcakes. She is not a loser.

  • @Realdeal, just goes to show that you have never had a proper vegan cupcake. I bake regularly and non of my cupcakes ever come out dry at all. They are moist and soft and very tasty. I’ve made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate/jasmine butter cream for my non-veggie friends. They swore they were the best cupcakes they had ever eaten and were flabbergasted to find out they were 100% vegan (not revealed until they had already eaten them).

    Hmmm…sounds to me like jealousy? It’s too bad Realdeal that you feel the need to pick on this young chef. What? Did you enter and not get picked for the show or something. This win goes to Chef Chloe and the Vegan community hands down. Try harder next time.

  • Sawwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! My sister told me about you, and now we’re gonna make vegan cupcakes for Christmas. Got a killer recipe?

  • Congrats Chloe, and I agree with ‘Flurrybot’it would indeed be nice to have a vegan cooking show ….yes! And to the Brittany’s of thought, “If you can’t say anything nice, keep your trap shut” we need more inspiration, not your degradation!

  • It was pretty obvious to me that this episode was fixed. The way the judges kissed Chloe’s ass the entire time. Even when the judges couldn’t even cut into one of her cupcakes they only showed one minor critique.
    She didn’t even finish her display.
    Is she related to any of the judges or producers of the show?

  • This episode aired again over the weekend so we were able to watch it for the first time. FANTASTIC!

    Congrats to Team Chloe!!! Brilliant!


  • Hey realdeal, you sound like a contestant that lost. Maybe that dumb baker with the busted perm and psycho eyes?

  • where the fuck is the restaurant??

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