• cupcake wars: watch chef chloe on the food network!

    June 21st, 2010quarrygirlnews, other, vegan bakers

    listen up vegans! you’d better set your DVRs to record cupcake wars this tuesday june 22nd at 9pm on the food network, because chef chloe is going to be competing with her delicious vegan treats!

    chloe coscarelli first showed up on our radar earlier this year when she created the winning sandwich in coral tree cafe’s panini contest. since then she has distributed her baked goods throughout los angeles, started her own recipe blog and website, and even made cooking videos with vegnews.

    tomorrow, chloe will be reppin’ the vegans when she goes head to head with other dessert pros on the food network’s cupcake wars. be sure to tune in and cheer her on, because not only is chloe and awesome local chef, but her vegan desserts ROCK. she made me a cake once and it was seriously one of the tastiest treats i’ve ever had.

    tuesday, june 22nd on the food network at 9pm. CUPCAKE WARS! DO IT.

    follow chloe on twitter, and check out her website for more info. she always tweets when her baked goods are available for sale.

    lastly, i will leave you with this adorable video chloe made with vegnews. i can’t watch it without getting ridiculously hungry. good luck, chloe!

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  • I’m in love. Seriously. Is Chole for real? Cute, charming, intelligent and a VEGAN CHEF! I mean, seriously, the really don’t make them like that do they?

  • Sure they do. My wife! Well, replace “chef” with “baker”. I’m the chef of the house.

  • How cool, I love vegan cupcakes!!
    Best of luck to the Chef Chloe, may the best cupcake win.

  • I can’t wait to see this episode! Vegan cupcakes are the best.

  • I set my DVR! Congrats to Chloe for all this well-deserved attention!

  • Awesome! Just checked out chefchloe.com …your stuff looks delicious Chloe! Good luck on the competition and I look forward to trying more of your recipes.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    p.s. you should write a book

  • omfg that pesto sounds so goooood (of course tripling the amount of garlic for me!). i gotta try this and check out the site. i agree with the above: “Congrats to Chloe for all this well-deserved attention!”

  • Sending Chloe tons of luck tonight!

  • veganfoodwhore

    Holy shit! This is fucking amazing. Dvr set!!!!!


  • I’ve made that avocado pesto pasta recipe—it’s AMAZING.

  • i havnt triedc making that yet but it seems like somthing really cool to make so im gonna get the info around to my family so we can make it some time in the latr holidays!

  • im lookn forward to trying your recipe it will be something really new to me and my family but i guess tht one day we will try

  • I am not sure we can call cupcakes made with what appears to be bleached sugar vegan. Can someone actually confirm that sugar on the “all stars” episode wasn’t bleached? If it was, they’re not vegan cupcakes. They’re almost vegan…like candy corn is almost vegan.

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