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    June 20th, 2010quarrygirllondon, more restaurants (not LA)

    hi everyone, time for another vegan field report from across the pond. this one is written by rachel, who is staying in london for the next few weeks! she has lots of great reports in store, so stay tuned and enjoy this one.

    The sign for Tibits you'll see when you turn onto Heddon Street

    Located on a side street just off Regent Street, Tibits offers a pay-by-weight vegetarian (but MOSTLY vegan) buffet, which definitely satisfies after a busy day of shopping. When I first came here last summer, an employee happily told me how Tibits works- you simply start piling onto a plate all the items you want, bring it to the cashier counter where you place your plate on a scale. The prices are: for breakfast it is £1.50 per 100g, lunch is £1.90 per 100g, and dinner is £2.10 per 100g.

    The food boat

    The prepared hot and cold food are centrally located on, what Tibits like to call, a boat. Each selection has a description, and all of the vegan options (which was the majority, except the yogurt and butter I X-ed out) are marked as so. There are complimentary vegan rolls, but unfortunately there was no vegan margarine to accompany. Although I did not get any drinks, Tibits also has a bar offering cocktails, wine and beer.

    My plate

    Everything I tried was delicious. As shown in the photo, what I had included carrot salad, pasta with tomatoes, aubergines, green beans and quinoa- all of which were prepared and seasoned wonderfully. Inside the bowl is freshly cut fruit (and not just the boring cut melons you see most in fruit salads…it had grapes, kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple.) It was very refreshing since it was my first meal after a 9 1/2 hour flight where I didn’t eat anything because my “vegan” meal had cheese in it.

    Tibits interior

    The interior of Tibits is really nice, brightly colored furniture and walls give it a bohemian feel, and inside is very spacious. It was never very crowded the times I’ve been there, but I assume that around dinner time, the restaurant is packed.

    The next time you are shopping on Regent Street, definitely check out Tibits.

    12-14 Heddon Street
    off Regent Street
    London W1B 4DA
    +44 (0)207 758 4110
    +44 (0)207 734 0428

    Mon – Wed
    09:00 am – 10:30 pm
    Thurs – Sat
    09:00 am – midnight
    11:30 am – 09:00 pm

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  • I’m going to London next week! Thanks, I was looking for places to check out.

  • I really can’t believe I’ve never tried that place. I shall go there next week and check it out. Thanks Rachel/Quarrygirl

  • Is this Tidbits related to the ones in Switzerland?

  • LOL I love how the butter is Xed out!

  • That looks nice!!

    I like the concept. Before trying to become vegan, I often went to this Soup Plantation place they have here in LA? Like a salad bar with all kinds of fresh vegetables sort of options. Would be very cool to have some sort of vegan version of that sort of place, it was perfect for a light lunch in hot weather.

  • lex-

    yeah, they also have Switzerland locations, I think they started there…

  • I wish we had somewhere like this in Reseda!

  • “I wish we had somewhere like this in Reseda!”

    You must say that about all sorts of things. (I did my time in Reseda for a year or so)

  • Im going to oxford street tommorow – will defintely check this out – thanks Rachel !

  • oops havent got my reading glasses on – tomorrow 🙂

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