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    January 5th, 2011quarrygirllondon, more restaurants (not LA)

    so…what happens when you combine an amazing location and vegetarian ethics with healthy/fresh/delicious cuisine? tibits in london, that’s what!

    i first got turned on to tibits by rachel, who wrote a field report on them back in june. her review intrigued me because i couldn’t believe there was such an awesome vegetarian (mostly vegan) restaurant located in the west end that we hadn’t tried yet. after all…london is my favorite city on the planet and this is prime, centrally-located real estate we are talking about! of course we had to check it out…

    we arrived at tibits on a weekday afternoon, and it was bustling. located just off regent street, this place must get a lot of foot traffic…what a score for a meatless restaurant! the process is simple: you walk in, grab a tray from the hostess, and fill up on items from the “food boat” (a buffet-style counter), then pay by weight before you sit down. even though tibits is a vegetarian restaurant, the vegan items are clearly marked and make up a majority of the selections.

    not only are most of the dishes at tibits vegan, they are totally healthy-style and taste like a million bucks. check out our plates full of delicious goodness:

    the first (which is pictured above and also at the top of the post) contained hearty portions of brown rice, potatoes, lentils, tofu, arugula, and a tofu dish. all masterfully seasoned and satisfying beyond belief.

    the next (damn, only photographed it from one angle!) was a mix of lentils, potato salad, various vegetables, a bread roll, and even pasta! and it all tasted amazing.

    tibits has cemented itself as a “must visit” london establishment in my book. not only is the food all meat-free, but it’s super scrumptious and healthy at the same time. we loved every bite. OH AND ALSO, the interior is super swank! lots of modern furniture and hip wallpaper…not to mention the clientele which seemed to be entirely made up of posh business. <3

    here is a peek at their menu. i don’t remember exactly how much we paid for our plates, but it think it was around 10 american bucks each. not too shabby, considering the dollar is in the toilet.

    when in london, hit up tibits for sure.

    12-14 Heddon Street
    off Regent Street
    London W1B 4DA
    +44 (0)207 758 4110
    +44 (0)207 734 0428

    Mon – Wed
    09:00 am – 10:30 pm
    Thurs – Sat
    09:00 am – midnight
    11:30 am – 09:00 pm

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