• field report: vegan garden blend at chipotle!

    April 12th, 2010quarrygirlchipotle, LA restaurants, more restaurants (not LA), NYC

    finally, after much ado, we have our very own report on the vegan garden blend burrito (bowl) at chipotle that’s made with gardein chicken. no, the burrito has not hit los angeles yet…but luckily our field operative is stationed in new york where it’s available and was able to send us a brief rundown, complete with mouthwatering pictures. as usual, words taken from the agent’s report are in quotes…

    “hey ooooooooo, vegan chicken burrito bowl in yo face bitches. here it is, it is true, it does exist….proof.”

    "i die, nom nom nom"

    “all the normal options for the ‘garden blend’ but i opted for the burrito bowl to maintain my girlish figure.”

    “the ‘garden blend’ is on the wall menu yet NOT on the paper menu i took. no picture of the wall menu bc the nice lad working was blah, blah, blah about me taking a picture of it. no arguments, i understand photo policies and im not going to be a cunt about it.”

    “it’s the little things in life that make me smile and in this case it is another vegan option.” he also added in an email to me, “LMFL. Yóu have no idea. Milestone in fast food…. And beer!”

    and last but not least, “it was rumored that jay and beyonce had just left, we may never know.”

    i dunno about you, but i am counting the days until this is available in LA. i can’t imagine walking into a fast food restaurant and ordering a delicious vegan option with faux chicken and everything. please hurry up chipotle!!!!

    until the gardein garden blend burrito is offered everywhere, you can find it at the following chipotle locations:

    333 E. Alameda
    Denver, CO 80209

    149 8th Ave. (cross street: 17th street)
    New York, NY 10011

    1629 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
    Washington, DC 20009

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  • Damn, I read the headline and got excited, thinking it had landed here. I mean, I could bring it home and add Gardein myself, but once a Chipotle burrito is opened it is NOT getting shut again.

  • chipotle needs to test this shit out in LA stat. preferably in their new studio city location.

  • Hope this will become available in Los Angeles soon!!

  • Hmm a lot of lead-up, and no comments on how it actually tastes. I know it’s just gardein, but still..this is a food blog! Mention how it tastes at least.

    I stopped eating at Chipotle unless absolutely necessary because of the crazy amount of salt they put in their food. Let’s take the gardein bowl featured in this article. Not counting the sodium content of the gardein, the bowl clocks in at 1160mg(!!) (beans, rice, guac, salsa, veggies) If you have that as a burrito, add 670mg just for the flour tortilla. If you want chips with that, add another 420mg. (The recommended daily intake of sodium is 1500mg) Unfortunately, none of that is sea salt either.

  • I’m from Denver and just called all of my veg-friendly family members to encourage them to go support this! My 19 year old brother just went vegan and he’s SO jealous of all of my LA options so I’m thrilled to see him win something for once 🙂

  • I had one in DC a few months back and I thought it was completely awesome.

    The gardein was marinated or something that made it taste awesome.

    It was really good.

    My only beef was that after refusing their stank-ass sour cream, I had to pay extra for guac.

    I think the new Chipotle opening on the 3rd street promenade would be a good candidate….or not.

  • Want. Now. Love your field reporter….. He’s so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  • Such random places! Bring it to California!

  • That’s so stellar! I hope they offer it in Florida soon. 🙂


    Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever pined this much for fake meat. WTF.

  • what’s with the stache – can’t we just kill off the hipster ironic (fill in the blank). Food looks good though.

  • Gregalor, if your local Chipotle isn’t too much out of your way, call in your order (burrito with the tortilla on the side). Then, while your significant other, roommate, whomever, picks it up, grill up some cubed Gardein with oil and spices, then assemble at home when the food arrives. Sounds like a lot of work but it is so worth it. No soggy tortilla and the burrito is easier to eat within the privacy of your own home 😉

  • Gregalor, if you assemble the burrito yourself it won’t fall apart 😉 But I’m lazy too so I get your point :p

  • “My only beef was that after refusing their stank-ass sour cream, I had to pay extra for guac.”

    Ohhhh, that sucks. We’ve gotten so used to getting free guac with the veggie burrito. I guess once the Garden Blend arrives, the free ride is over. :-/

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