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    April 3rd, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, mandoline grill

    of all the food trucks roaming the streets of los angeles, mandoline grill is the best one i’ve tried. their menu is extra vegan-friendly, and their crisp french bread and marinated tofu make for the perfect banh mi.

    the truck does lunch stints all over LA, and one of their semi-regular stops is right next to the PETA office in silverlake. when they were there yesterday, they had both a new vegan menu item and some exciting news about about an event at the verdugo TODAY.

    royale aka @peta

    i stopped by to say hello, and although i didn’t eat anything that mandoline grill was serving up…peta’s very own twitterer and veganista extraordinaire, royale, was happy to give me a report on the food.

    vegan curry: homemade seitan, sweet potatoes, taro, onions, and fresh cilantro. served with a vegan french baguette. $6

    royale ordered a new homemade seitan curry dish that mandoline grill had on special, and she said it was absolutely awesome. it came in a small to-go bowl with a huge hunk of fresh french bread, and she described it as thick, flavorful, and cinnamon-y.

    other vegan delights from mandoline grill included the lemongrass tofu banh mi (quite possibly the best sandwich ever), cha gio (delicious fried spring rolls), and a rice vermicelli lemongrass tofu bowl (not pictured).

    and the best news is, you can catch mandoline grill TODAY at one of our favorite bars in LA, the verdugo. they are participating in the “mobile mashup,” which means they’ll be collaborating with other food trucks to dish out some extremely unique cuisine. today mandoline grill is hooking up with frysmith to make the ultimate vegan curry seitan fries. YUM. add that to the best beer selection in town, good music and patio seating—and a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

    even if you can’t make it to the mobile mashup, i highly suggest you check out mandoline grill ASAP. i’ve never met a person who tried their banh mi and didn’t LOVE IT.

    follow mandoline grill on twitter for the latest.

    *it should be noted that mandoline has a tendency to show up late to locations, and sometimes it can take awhile to get an order. that being said, the food is well worth it.

    sticker on mandoline grill's truck.

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