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    vegan chili fries from frysmith at verdugo bar

    as you probably know, there is a massive food truck craze sweeping los angeles. mobile vendors are popping up all over the place to sell pretty much every type of cuisine and using twitter to broadcast their location. the latest business to join the club is frysmith, a twittering food truck that specializes in gourmet french fries. frysmith loads fancy kennebec potatoes cooked in canola oil up with various toppings to turn the popular side dish into a complete meal. and the best thing about frysmith is, they have vegan options!

    frysmith menu

    over the weekend, frysmith was doing a stint at the verdugo bar in glassel park during their saturday afternoon patio session. the verdugo is one of our favorite spots to drink in LA, and also where we tried the awesome food of hot knives and mandoline grill, so naturally we had to go check it out.

    trying to get the truck into the lot

    trying to get the truck into the lot

    like many food trucks that are just starting out, frysmith is still ironing out a few kinks. they were supposed to start serving at 3pm, but had some problems getting their truck into the verdugo parking lot and so the food didn’t start coming out until around 4. that’s alright though, the verdugo had a great beer selection to help pass the time as well as board games and good music.

    vegan chili fries: organic tomato and mixed beans with soy chorizo and smoked paprika. $4.50

    vegan chili fries: organic tomato and mixed beans with soy chorizo and smoked paprika. $4.50

    when frysmith started serving, we got an order of vegan chili fries which were absolutely delicious. the long thin potato slices were perfectly crisp and crunchy, piled high with tomatoes, beans, soy meat and chopped onions. the portion was hearty and a great deal at under 5 bucks. i really think the frysmith is onto something because i could eat this as a meal everyday.

    if you like vegan junk food, i highly suggest you get your ass out to the frysmith and taste what they’ve got cooking. they make the best vegan chili fries i’ve ever eaten. now if only they would carry some cheddar daiya to sprinkle on top…then they’d be perfect.

    follow frysmith on twitter to find out where they’ll be next.


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  • I was thinking about going to Frysmith when they were in the valley, but their truck broke down. 🙁 And I agree, some Daiya would be perfect on these fries.

  • I could go for a shit ton of fries right now, look so good!

  • hi, my name is juliana and i’m a brazilian gal who enjoys your blog a lot 😀
    i always come here to check out your reviews and the photos make me O.o
    anyway… my boyfriend lives in LA and he’ll be home for christmas. i want to ask you some tips for books if you don’t mind… where he can buy then and stuff… cause if we buy the books from amazon, it may take a lot of time to shipping… we are running after time… ;]
    would you please help me?
    thanks a lot,
    and sorry for my terrible english ¬¬
    you can write to: juliana.rosouza@gmail.com too!
    :] thank u again

  • Juliana, your English is a hell of a lot better than my Portuguese. Are you looking for cookbooks? Your blog has an awesome name.

  • @juliana, i agree with mr. e. vegan! excellent blog name!

  • fries are really good when you’re hungry and you want 50 of something. and i want at least 50 of them.

  • i just had to big servings from the frydudes. they were delicious, but i think i am going to be farting really soon.

  • thank you guys, rsrsrss
    I am a big fan of Dylan: D
    YES! I want some vegan cookbooks for Christmas, rsrsrs
    here are my little list:
    veganomicon, vegan cupcakes take over … the joy of vegan baking, La Dolce Vegan, vegan w / a vengeance, and finally: lick the spoon or vegan.
    i ask myself if they really rock… but you can give me other tips too, and tell where my boyfriend can buy them for me… he lives in hollywood! thank you again!

  • *lick it! and the vegan scoop (the namos go wrong at the other comment)

  • Juliana, I’ve seen most of those at Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood. He can probably find them in any large chain store (Border’s, Barnes & Noble). There’s a store on 3rd St. called Cook’s Library which sells only cookbooks (don’t know how good a vegan section they have).

  • thaks a lot !!!
    i’ll talk to him, and soon i tell you if he could find the cookbooks…
    or in portuguese: “obrigada” 😀

  • *drool* I agree with Brittany lol Scott, you made me laugh aloud

  • Looks so good! Do they caterer?

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