• we are going raw for the week…!

    March 28th, 2010quarrygirlhealth, other

    i know it may sound crazy coming from us, lovers of all things pizza and baked goods, but we have decided to give raw food a try….at least for the next week.

    what does that mean? well it means that we are gonna be eating nothing but uncooked, unprocessed, and mostly organic food for the next 7 days. i know to a lot of you readers this is pretty normal, but to us it’s fucking astrophysics. so please, if you have any tips/advice/knowledge, please leave it in the comments section.

    otherwise, keep checking the blog for tasty vegan adventures—we have lots of posts stored up for this week! <3

    PS: if you see me at a bar drinking a pint of craftsman, please don’t tell anyone!

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  • Wow, this is so exciting! I can’t wait to see what you eat during raw week!

  • Is the Cruzer quarrygirl pizza raw?

  • Which vitamix did you purchase?

  • @kevin vitamix is a 4500! whatever that means. not the fancy new one, but still flippin’ awesome. womp.

  • Ugh. Gross. So much soaked and dehydrated stuff. They should really just call it what it is: Masochism Cuisine.

  • @Gregalor: don’t worry, we understand. and we have a whole week of non-raw posts in store for you. you don’t have to suffer with us.

  • There is much health and much to like in the raw world, but one caution: even raw can be junkified with sugar, salt, and oil. Agave nectar, umeboshi vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil are not whole foods or health foods.

  • Ahh! I’m, so excited! What a great excuse to hit up Au Lac! Mmm, the paella is the most amazing thing and the risotto is a close second! I also recommend Good 2 Go in Huntington Beach (a drive, I know) but they have really wonderful raw food. I’m obsessed with their sushi right now. (Helps that I live within walking distance!) When I saw your sushi blog I was going to mention it. SO delicious!

  • sounds like a great week to go back to cru and try more of their raw items. 🙂

  • I’m so psyched for you guys! No need to get too hung up on crazy recipes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating tons of fruit and salads. It’s easy to overdo the nuts, so be careful with that. The trendy world of salty, dehydrated fat-heavy raw foods is actually not the healthiest approach, but it is pretty tasty. Juices and fresh fruit and greens all the way!

  • coincidentally, i am trying to go mostly raw for the next two weeks or so! well i am doing it on a super budget (think college kid). i will be looking forward to your posts about raw stuff in general and also any raw food restaurants. good luck!

  • You have to go McDougall for me for a week at some point! rawdiculousness!

  • Good luck with your upcoming raw vegan week!!

  • Barley Life! It should be your best friend!

  • I went raw for a week once. Er… twice? Raw oatmeal was one of my favorites. Steel cut oats soaked over night, dried fruit, raw nuts… heaven. It also helps to do a lot of the prep work in advance. I found that even though there was no actual cooking involved that I still spent so much time in the kitchen. So much prep work. But it’s worth all the trouble.

    Good luck!

  • I recommend visiting http://www.choosingraw.com for more tips and recipes! Gena is a genius with her stuff. Good luck!

  • you need to make nut butter balls for moments of weakness : ) YUMM!

  • i find fruit salad w/ hemp seeds makes a great breakfast. good luck!

  • Raw food ? its okay in a warm climate for a little while but …. yin yang (the clever chinese taoist philosophy)would say too much cold raw food is not balanced ,you need the fire of yang cooked food to be in balance . So if you get a bit unbalanced on this diet Quarry girl …. dont say i didnt warn you !! good luck .

  • I am with Avistrange – fresh fruits and vegetables are the way to go.
    My vitamix is my best friend ( sad but true) .
    I don’t dehydrate or soak.
    I really enjoy raw nori sheets.The ones from “Rawvoltuin” are delicious but Whole Foods also carries them in packs of 10 or 50
    I suggest getting the 50 pack- try wrapping all your fresh veggies in rolls to make a pseudo Quarrygirl “sandwich “.
    I eat these all day long and never feel weighed down .
    You can run a little (distilled ,britta etc) water over the sheets to make them roll really well .
    If nothing else this “experiment” may serve to make whole fresh foods a bigger part of your diet .
    Good Luck 🙂

  • It’s been a while since you’ve hit up Sunpower. Maybe now is the time to do it! They are so good, especially their Kale Colossus, raw supreme pizza, lettuce tacos, Sunpower nachos, and Kale Shake. Plus, they have an expanded dining room, which is a nice improvement.

  • They have awesome recipes at http://www.rawfoodnation.org

    Today they had a super Red Cabbage Taco – yum!

  • I agree on going to choosingraw.com. Gena rules and so does her banana soft serve. I eat mostly raw all the time. Love it! Have fun!

  • Raw means more fresh fruits and veggies!! Good for your health

  • That’s awesome that you’re going raw! a REAL raw food diet is fresh fruits and veg with some natural fats like avocados and coconuts. Stay away from the gourmet raw foods if you really want to feel the benefits. They’ll be too heavy and drain your energy. My daily diet is mostly smoothies, vegetable juices and a myriad of different salads. I have gourmet raw when I want to mix it up but honestly, I often eat cooked vegan instead of gourmet raw because it’s way too heavy and dehydrated. My book is more gourmet or transitional foods but I’m trying to stay away from excess fat and sugar.
    I recommend Raw Food Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet if you want some easy recipes. I wish you were raw last week when I was doing the food shoot. I had to unload all of it on my friends because there was way too much. I’ll get you over one of these days for some taste testing.
    Good luck this week! Email me if you have any questions. 🙂

  • Congratulations Ms. Anthrope! I’ve always considered you, and your husband “new vegans that have never worked in a restaurant” based on your favorable diet of (cheap) processed soy and wheat and inability to empathize with waitstaff and owners. Maybe now you’ll have a new appreciation for the cost of high quality, organic ingredients and the prep involved in bringing it all together. Now all I need is for one of you to get a job for a week in a restaurant! That aside, I do appreciate your blog and your persisting passion over the last couple years. I wish you the best!

  • majestic garlic raw vegan dip will be your new life partner. they have it at whole foods.

  • rawrrr: for the record, I have worked in a restaurant. several actually. i’ve cooked food, cleaned the bathrooms (mopping up vomit and shit), sometimes at the same time and always without washing my hands. just like most other people who work in restaurants. I can fully empathize with the average restaurant employee because I was one myself.

  • Keep it simple: Green smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and a collard wrap for dinner.

  • Fat Fudge: Awesome advice. Green smoothie down, about to eat salad for lunch and I think quarrygirl has a wrap-type thing on the cards for tonight. Exciting stuff!!!

  • Visit Juice Club on Beverly Blvd (next to Mandarette Chinese) for the BEST raw hummus and have a daily ten green drink plus a shot of E3 live every day. Also if you can pick up the Light Eating for Survival book circa 1977 by Marcia Acciardo. It has everything you need.

  • yay! i’m on my 5th annual raw spring cleaning! we get to be raw together! in fact, i’m heading down to LA to get my hands on some yummy foodstuffs from euphoria loves rawvolution on wednesday! we should have a lunch date! this is finally the time when the co-op trumps stupid whole foods, too, as the co-op has the best raw grab & go section in LA (aside from erewhon, of course). i’m two weeks in, 6 weeks to go. and now i get to drool over your food. instead of drooling over the cooked food that’s waiting at the end of my raw tunnel that you keep showing me pictures of. for real, though, i can bring you some of my corn chips that are dehydrating right now 😉 p.s. matthew kenney’s new book is the raw shit. the eggplant bacon is DELISH!!!! as an annual-spring- cleaner-raw-lady i have some good random recipes that make getting through easier. like jicama rice. or butternut-avo tortillas… have fun!! thanks to you all, i’m going to break raw at the sake-sushi place in NYC!!!!

  • Oh, man. Just saw a discouraging comment, and I do want you to know that raw can be awesome! My husband and I do a raw fast occasionally (at the most for a week at a time), and this is my all-time favorite raw recipe: http://www.living-foods.com/recipes/mocktuna.html I even make it when we’re not “raw-ing.” I want some NOW!!

    I also like to slice up zucchini really tiny and make a room-temperature tomato sauce. It’s really a decent pasta replacement for raw fasting!

    Best wishes to you! I’ve been thinking of raw fasting again soon, and now I’m really inspired!

  • I encourage you on your path!
    Doesn’t get more fresh and vibrantly flavored than enjoying as many fruits as you desire and as many tender greens as you like.
    You’re officially invited to 30bananasaday.com
    for some support and good times reveling in nature’s simple tasty bounty.

  • imagine7generations

    Check out foodnsport.com for some great articles. There is more to healthy eating than raw… no more than 10% of calorie from fat, same for protein, make sure your fruit is ripe, cut the salt, http://www.livingnutrition.com/article_samples/salt.html , make sure you keep well hydrated, get plenty of rest and exercise. You could do 2 mono fruit meals and an evening salad followed by some dates blended with water, (datorade). Best Wishes, Bro!

  • Have fun being boring!!

  • I might have mentioned it in comments about Leaf but I learned how to make this easy, peasy salad from Ron.

    -1 bunch kale, torn into pieces
    -1 ripe avocado cut into chunks
    -juice from 1 lemon
    -cayenne to taste
    -salt to taste

    Put kale and avocado in a bowl. Squeeze lemon juice and toss together, use your hands and squish the avocado a bit. It will break down and coat the kale leaves, makes like a green goddess type of dressing – awesome! Add cayenne and salt to taste. Yum!

    Also, newish kid in town; LifeFood Organic in Hollywood. Great juices, soups, desserts. 1507 N. Cahuenga. Its good! All raw, vegan and gluten free. Enjoy!

  • Forgot to mention that you’ll probably go through detox which isn’t all that pleasant. One day I had really bad breath, another day I was extremely thirsty. Then there was the light headedness and heart palpitations. Sorry to be a downer.

  • don’t forget to visit a better life in s. monica!

    and I can’t believe no one mentioned chia in this post (I don’t think)

    protein rich and super yum! cha cha chia soaks up moisture and becomes like tapioca- great for breakfast or puddings.

    I pre-soak some goji berries, then I take an old yogurt tub sized container and throw in a little water, a little coconut water, some almond milk, a scoop of cacao, healthy dash of chai spices (heavy on the cinnamon and cloves cuz I love em’), a bit of maca, maybe some pro greens for your health (spriulina and cacao are dream teammates), mix well and give maybe 6 healthy scoops of chia, throw the goji’s in and let it sit in the fridge for a bit while the chia soaks the moisture and you get a yummy healthy snack (for me this makes about 5 servings).

    Please keep us posted on the things you try this week

  • Good luck with going raw for a week. I have been doing it for 6 months now and I love it. I’m lucky that I fell into the fruit-loving 80/10/10 way of doing things as the emphasis is on fresh water-filled fruit like bananas, dates, oranges, melon, strawberries, pineapple, some easily-digested greens like arugula, romaine lettuce and baby spinach leaves. My advice would be to keep it simple so you don’t have too horrific detox symptoms. Cut out coffee, tea, alcohol, salt, spices and oils and substitute as much fruit as you can eat during the day and a big salad, more fruit and maybe some sunflower seeds, avocado or walnuts in the evening. You should feel great!

  • I was raw for almost 2 years straight & i’ve never felt better! It was fantastic!! I then went on a tour of Europe which sort of brought it to a screeching halt, since I was at the mercy of whatever VEGAN food I could scrounge, but serious lack of raw. Anyway, I’m still a raw enthusiast w/emphasis on raw. My faves are raw “burritos” (romaine filled shells of guac, “refried beans’ (made from walnut pate) , cashew sour cream & alo I love raw ravioli if done right & definitely raw LASAGNA! Pure Food & Wine, my fave raw restaurant in NYC has a great cookbook (if you haven’t picked it up already) called “real world raw food” or something like that…their food is divine. also i flew in from ny last night, & had quintessence restaurant’s lunch special (ahem 3 of them) for the plane ride home…the raw tacos were FANTASMIC…if you head back to the east coast anytime soon you’ve got to check them out! eating alive food that is richly FLAVORED (ala Earth Cafe’s Cheesecakes:) is the ultimate in sensual experience AND health benefits…
    Email me if you need help/recipes/ideas!!
    🙂 Candy

  • oops, typo above..that was meant to say “ALSO” i love raw ravioli….

  • “Cut out coffee, tea, alcohol, salt, spices and oils and substitute as much fruit as you can eat during the day and a big salad, more fruit and maybe some sunflower seeds, avocado or walnuts in the evening. You should feel great!”

    I’ll tell you what wouldn’t be feeling great after that: my toilet.

  • I am so happy to see that you have decided to do this!! I absolutly encourage you! Since you know Flore they were a big resource for me in Jan when I did raw for 30. Need any info or recipes? email me! 🙂 I can happy to help!

  • I second SunPower’s raw tacos. Man, those are surprisingly delicious!!

  • Awesome! There are so many great raw food restaurants in town – you will not be deprived! Have you been to Better Life Cuisine in Santa Monica yet? If it wasn’t so far, I would eat at Au Lac every day!

  • It’s weird how some people get all “danger will robinson” when you say you’re going to eat raw food for one week. I happen to enjoy raw food. It’s fun. We don’t have to make a whole belief system around it.

    Frozen pineapple and romaine lettuce, and whatever else you like, makes a great smoothie. Romaine is fairly mild if you’re not used to the taste of greens yet, and pineapple adds a lot of flavor.

  • LOVE that you’re going to be showin’ us all of the delish raw foods! i love all vegan food, and anyone who is snotty can suck it! looking forward to this 🙂

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