• new menu & vegan french fries to hit hugo’s this week!

    January 26th, 2010quarrygirlhugo's restaurant, LA restaurants

    one of our favorite vegan-friendly places in town, hugo’s restaurant is adding some really interesting stuff to their menu this week…including vegan french fries! YAY! finally! they will roll out the new changes tomorrow in studio city, followed by west hollywood on thursday, and i couldn’t be more excited. i went for a tasting of some of the new items that hugo’s has in store, and let me tell you, it was all AMAZING.

    vegan chili cheese fries

    one of the new vegan dishes you’ll be able to order is a massive whopping plate of animal-free chili cheese fries. on the menu it’s called “black bean chili: your way,” and you basically get a delicious homemade mixture bean and vegetable chili along with the option of vegan cheese atop your choice of carb or vegetable. put it on top of hugo’s new separately-cooked vegan french fries, and you have a match made in heaven!

    also being added to the menu are several items that have been specials in the past, but will now be available year round. green tamales, portobello stew, and sandwiches just to name a few…not to mention a whole new slew of items that will be added to the “create-a-plate” section of the menu. they are also introducing a new line of vegan and oil-free salad dressings, vegan kids’ menu items, and a whole new menu section called “lentils, leafy greens and rice”. basically, it all kicks ass.

    i got a chance to sit down with chef nabor and try some upcoming vegan items that aren’t on the menu yet….and WOW, we are all in for a treat. hugo’s is working on some stuff that is seriously gonna knock everyone’s socks off. so stay tuned.

    for now, hit up hugo’s ASAP. and remember, the new stuff and vegan fries are not available until wednesday in studio city and thursday in west hollywood. oh, and seriously…if you like the stuff hugo’s is doing for vegans, be vocal about it. write them an email or tell them when you visit! we were vocal about the non-vegan mashed potatoes and they changed those, and now they are veganizing the fries as well. so keep speaking up!

    hugo’s restaurant
    8401 Santa Monica Blvd.
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
    (323) 654-3993
    12851 Riverside Drive
    Studio City, CA 91607
    (818) 761-8985

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  • Oh my! those look soooooo0oo good. Glad more places are stepping up and serving vegan items :))))))

  • I love Hugo’s and with vegan fries I will love it even more! Does this mean the chips with the mole are now vegan too?

  • How do you always get the scoops, quarrygirl? I love your blog as I don’t leave home without reading it every morning. I will be at hugos for lunch Friday.

    thanks for all you do. my friends and I love you.

  • It’s always great to see a restaurant willing to work with and listen to the community.

    They really need to ditch the FYH cheese, though. Get with the times! The Daiya times!

  • I am praying for the day that Hugo’s switches to Daiya. Or at least Hugo’s tacos. Oh and also stops using white beans.

  • Oh, and I rarely if ever eat fries anywhere but veggie grill. Now I can add Hugo’s to my list as well. woooooooooo!!

  • So many comments… this is like a quarrums. Follow Your Heart cheese gives me terrible gas. My b/f called it Follow Your Fart.


  • FYI I call the Daiya diarrhea. Never fails to produce a nasty situation for me. I for one am giving up on the fake cheeses. I am only eating cashew and nut cheeses. What is Daiya made of anyway? Anyone know? I am betting it is not any healthier than “real” cheese. No cruelty, but not a healthy alternative. Eating great unprocessed plant based whole foods is the best plan for me and I think Hugo’s is moving more in that direction while still making the food extra yummy.

  • So jealous that you got to try this! I guess I will have to go get it tomorrow! 😉

  • Holy Moly! I saw your blog about the mashed potatoes and I couldn’t believe it. Now the fries are vegan too? Way to go Quarry! Thanks for this.

  • I have been wanting to try this place but my husband is weary of “vegan friendly” places after Toi served us eggs in our main dish and ranch dressing on our salad after we asked them to veganize our meal. Our waitress apologized, “sorry, I forgot”. I should mention were the first customers. They made us an eggless fresh order which we took home to go. Might have had fish sauce in it. Anyway, I am going to push my husband to try Hugo’s, as they seem to be going out of their way to cater to us. Yay 🙂

  • @Doe:

    Daiya is mostly Cassava/yuca flour. It’s actually soy-free. It’s melty and stretchy because it uses the same cultures as real cheese (from what I understand).

  • Yeah, Daiya really makes being a vegan much easier. The sticky mouth texture and tart taste of real cheese is something I missed after making the transition.

  • So excited! I was actually planning to take my mom there tonight when she comes to visit… great coincidence! WOOOOOO

  • This is great news EXCEPT that they still haven’t added my very favorite Hippie Hemp Seed Salad to the permanent menu. Please, Chef Nabor!

  • They need to put the the Dosa special from a month or so back on the regular menu! Those were nice.

  • Are you sure that’s fake cheese?!

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