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    November 18th, 2009quarrygirlproducts

    would you believe that some of the best dessert i’ve ever eaten is available at whole foods? i probably wouldn’t have believed it either, before i tried the amazing pies and cheese cakes made by earth cafe. the entirely vegan company specializes in raw living desserts that are so decadent, you just wouldn’t believe they are animal-free, gluten-free, raw, with no refined sugars or hydrogenated oils…and they are widely available throughout los angeles!

    Strawberry Fields Forever Cheesecake by Earth Cafe

    Strawberry Fields Forever Cheesecake by Earth Cafe

    when earth cafe first offered to send me some samples of their pies and desserts, i was a tad bit skeptical because i usually associate the word “raw” with “healthy/boring tasting.” wow, i couldn’t have been more wrong. each different flavor was incredibly luscious and rich, the kind of thing i would share with my non-vegan friends in order to “convert” them.

    the first flavor i tried was the “strawberry fields forever” cheesecake (pictured above). any product named after a beatles song is gonna get extra credit in my book—just check out my site banner—but this cheesecake was AMAZING. extra thick with a moist center and the most delectable nutty topping.

    Who's Your Daddy Pie by Earth Cafe

    Who's Your Daddy Pie by Earth Cafe

    next up was the “who’s your daddy” pie, a raw vegan carob mousse. this was hands down the best dessert i’ve had in a long time. it was fluffy, rich, and packed with amazing chocolate-y flavor. i could have eaten like ten pieces of this daddy.

    i also tried the “rockin raspberry”…

    Rockin' Raspberry Cheesecake by Earth Cafe

    Rockin' Raspberry Cheesecake by Earth Cafe

    and the “cherry dream” cheesecake…

    Cherry Dream Cheesecake by Earth Cafe

    Cherry Dream Cheesecake by Earth Cafe

    both of these were incredible, with juicy bits of fruit throughout the center and thick nutty crusts.

    Peach Passion Peace Pie by Earth Cafe

    Peach Passion Peace Pie by Earth Cafe

    earth cafe also makes a peach flavored cheeesecake, called “peach passion peace pie”, which is super sweet, smooth, and silky.

    Pumpkin Spice Life Pie by Earth Cafe

    Pumpkin Spice Life Pie by Earth Cafe

    and lastly i tried the “pumpkin spice life pie”, which completely blew me away. this is some of the best pumpkin pie i’ve ever eaten, and i would definitely recommend it for a vegan thanksgiving gathering.

    i have no idea how earth cafe can make something so delicious that’s completely raw, vegan, and not full of crap. and i can’t believe this incredible food has been right under my nose for so long and i never even tried it. have you guys had this stuff? i mean, it’s pretty amazing right?

    earth cafe vegan cheesecakes and pies

    you can find earth cafe products at places all around los angeles including whole foods, erewhon, locali, and even some restaurants and ralphs locations. also, WHOLE CHEESECAKES AND PIES ARE AVAILABLE through earth cafe’s website! did you hear that?! whole vegan cheesecakes! and i don’t know who in their right mind could pass up getting one of these pumpkin pies for thanksgiving. i know that’s what i’ll be doing. oh, and they freeze well for months, so it’s time to stockpile.

    try this stuff from earth cafe and let me know what you think. i’m predicting you will be just as impressed as i was.

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  • It isn’t even 8AM yet and I already want cheesecake. Thanks quarr, I will get some of this from Erewhon today.

  • these are hella expensive at whole foods ($7/slice) for their size, but they’re pretty damn tasty!

  • I think the only reason I haven’t tried these yet is because they are so expensive. They always look good, but $7 a slice, even for raw food, seems steep. Maybe they’ll send all the LA vegan food bloggers a sample package! 😉 Or maybe I’ll just buckle down and buy a slice one day.

  • I found these at Lassen’s in Ventura. So very very perfect! I love them!

  • this is old news, QG! i raved about this on your forum back at the beginning of may:


  • er, july… 😀

  • @whatmoonsongs: ooooops! 🙂

    i can’t even believe how delicious this stuff is!

  • Hm, I tried the pumpkin pie one, and enjoyed it, but didn’t love it anywhere near as much as you did! I rather make my own, considering how expensive these are! But still, pretty good desserts! I’d like to try the carob one.

  • These pictures are killing me. I want some! I don’t have a blog, but maybe Earth Cafe can hook me up with some samples too? 😉

  • what timing. i just got back from whole foods where i was eyeing these. i wanted to buy but was also put off by the price. in restaurants i don’t mind paying $8 for a raw dessert but somehow from the supermarket it feels much too decadent!

  • to all the peeps who think $7-8 is too much for a slice, just buy a WHOLE PIE! 🙂 they have 8 slices in them and are $35. nommers

  • Quarrygirl thank you SO MUCH for the love!!!!! I’m genuinely addicted to your site, & now point EVERY friend I have looking for restaurant/food news to it, & you like our cheesecakes! Hoorah!!
    Btw all, we agree w/you, the desserts ARE expensive- ($6.59 at Whole Foods, about $5.59 at Ralph’s, $5.99 at SM Co-Op, etc.) however good health is expensive (or at least a real investment I suppose) as conventional ingredients like flour & refined sugar are .50 a lb, vs. organic raw agave nectar & cashews, $8.00 lb, $30 a gallon, etc.!! However I look at it this way, I don’t invest in designer shoes, purses, etc. I invest in “designer food” & try to put only food that doesn’t harm it, the animals or the planet in it. It costs more (boo 🙁 …but poor health, in the long run, obesity, disease, etc. cost A LOT more, & miss anthrop makes a GREAT point! You can buy whole pies (& even get referral coupons etc.) that bring it closer to $4 a slice, & even pick it up to avoid shipping from our Laguna Niguel kitchen if you’re in the hood.
    There’s much SWEAT EQUITY in each slice, a lot of love, & they’re made by hand, so hopefully you’ll feel the love, & show us some! Join the mailing list at the website for discounts & promotions. We’ll be giving away some for FREE on the blog (VeganBride) very soon.
    Thanks so much to all!!!
    (Btw, we free sample almost every week at diff stores! Elliot, hit a store up (mailing list should let you know, or you can email us to ask where) & go get you some! :):):)

  • I’ve been meaning to try these for ages! They have them in SF now!

  • If you’re in Burbank I know I’ve seen a couple flavors at Full O’ Life on Magnolia. They don’t have that many flavors since the store is pretty small. I haven’t tried any yet though.

    I did get one of the Cru chocolate mint slices of doom there. Those are good.

  • My g/f got me hooked on these damn things. I thought anything raw would taste like crap. Man was I wrong. I don’t get how nuts can come out looking like and tasting like a cheesecake.

  • I have only tried the raspberry one so far and was completely blown away by its richness and intense flavor! Best vegan cheescake, raw or not!!! Amazing. Must try another flavor one of these days!

  • This looks incredible & I appreciate your candor regarding your usual opinion on raw foods.

    Your pics are fantastic and, since I couldn’t decide upon just one I contacted the company. They are working on offering a “sampler” cake, but in the meantime you can contact them directly to special order one: yum.

  • I worked for the owners of this company demo’ing their product all over the Southland. This cheesecake is not just for Raw Vegan’s. Everybody loves it!
    The “Who’s Your Daddy is my fave but, they are all yummy! Get the pumpkin spice for Thanksgiving and give it to those carnivores in your family. They will not know the difference.

  • Bravo for Earth Cafe! I have been eating their cheesecakes for a long time and have never been disappointed. I met one of the owners a while back, I think his name is Greg. Anyhow good guy (and cute) with lots of passion for his cheesecakes. Gave me a raspberry sample right out of his box. He made a Earth Cafe fan out of me for life.. I was very impressed!

  • I haven’t tried yet–waiting for a sweet tooth to hit me, but I can tell you I know the Ralphs at La Brea@Fountain has them. They are on the left side of the store in the refridgerated prepared foods section next to the self check out stands. (They may have made an impression;))

  • I buy their whole cheesecakes AND have them shipped to me AND I pay less per slice than y’all do at the store. It’s called online shopping. Stores are for suckers!


  • These look so good. I’m definitely going to have to check this place out next time in LA. Do you think they’ll open up a chain in the midwest any time soon?

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  • i just leave munching and eating cheesecakes, they are tasty and yummy,*`

  • I live in Mexico.Yes! Love it.But, next time I am near a Whole Foods your Cheesecake will be on my list.Looks yummy!

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