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    January 7th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, samosa house

    looking for authentic and vegan indian street food? look no further than LA’s very own samosa house in culver city. in addition to their dinner combo menu (which is hard to veer away from but often worth it), they also offer a vegan version of the classic vegetarian street dish: bhelpuri.

    bhelpuri is a popular indian dish which consists of hot puffed rice, chopped vegetables, boiled potatoes and tamarind sauce. does that sound weird?! well it should because it IS. it’s like a savory rice krispies treats vegetable dish for dinner, but it’s really fucking good. go try it out at the samosa house. and be sure to say that you want it made vegan (otherwise they may put yogurt on it, ew!) seriously, this stuff is worth writing home about.

    the samosa house
    1510 W. Washington Blvd
    Culver City CA, 90066

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  • I love this soooooo much

  • I love that Samosa House is accomodating to vegans, but it is the blandest Indian food I have ever eaten. I am already disillusioned with most Indian food in the US being mild. But Samosa House must go out of its way to not offend the anti-spice lobby.

    Since you just convinced a major chain (Chipotle) to alter it’s cooking practices, how about convincing Samosa House to spice up its food?

  • @Bring the Heat: I completely agree. I grew up in the UK eating much more spicy Indian food, and what’s available in the US is a very poor attempt at Indian cuisine (see my earlier post on this exact subject here http://archives.quarrygirl.com/2008/10/27/vegan-samosa-house/).

    However, all is not lost. When I go to Samosa House I usually buy a handful of fresh serrano chillies (they sell them in the grocery section), and either grate them into the food, or re-heat the dal with them in there to soften them slightly.

    Also, a liberal helping of cayenne pepper mixed in can help with the spice too.

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