• friday night is pizza night! (UPDATE! the sausage at some locations is not vegan!)

    October 9th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, zpizza

    UPDATE 11/12: apparently some zpizza locations are now carrying non-vegan crumbles. so be sure to check ingredients before eating.

    UPDATE 11/11: i have been talking to zpizza, and the veggie crumbles are STILL VEGAN, and they are lining up a new supplier!

    UPDATE 10/15: zpizza corporate has contacted me, and they still have the OLD (vegan) morningstar crumbles in stock…and that stock should last for about 2 months. zpizza is scrambling right now to find new replacement crumbles that are still vegan. i’m sure with all the great faux meats out there, they will be successful. we will keep you updated! THANKS FOR BEING SO AWESOME, ZPIZZA. you make my vegan heart and tummy happy!

    UPDATE 10/10: since the time of this post, i have learned that zpizza’s veggie crumbles are NO LONGER VEGAN. this isn’t zpizza’s fault…unfortunately, they use morningstar farms meal starters which used to be vegan but now CONTAIN MILK AND EGGS! GAH! why did morningstar farms have to go and ruin a good thing. SHAME ON THEM. you should still totally go to zpizza though, just avoid the crumbles.

    …and that means vegan zpizza with daiya cheese!

    i seriously can’t believe how the vegan pizza scene in los angeles has exploded over the past few months. we went from having almost no pizza options to having several, with tons of pizzerias offering daiya vegan cheese (a product so convincing and amazing, it changed my life). and of all the vegan pizza options in this town, one of the tastiest (and by far the most convenient) is zpizza, a national pizza chain with several LA locations. we have been working our way through the the zpizza menu, veganizing different pizzas to find which one is the best. recently we tried out the tuscan, which was amazing, and since then we have tried two more delicious creations.

    vegan sausage and mushroom pizza with soy crumbles and daiya cheese

    vegan sausage and mushroom pizza with soy crumbles and daiya cheese

    the first was from the “pizza standards” menu, a veganized version of the sausage and mushroom. we ordered the pizza and substituted daiya for real cheese, and soy crumbles for sausage. we also got it with roasted garlic sauce, because that sauce is the best sauce on the planet. this may sound like a pretty typical combo, but i can tell you this pizza was nothing short of spectacular. it was right up there in with the tuscan in awesomeness…perfectly garlicky and creamy with succulent mushrooms and fennel-seasoned crumbles. i highly recommend you try this one out.


    the next pizza we tried was the provence (veganized) from the zpizza creations menu…

    vegan provence pizza with daiya cheese. hold the capers, add mushrooms.

    vegan provence pizza with daiya cheese. hold the capers, add mushrooms.

    this pizza normally comes with capers, which we replaced with mushrooms….so our provence was covered with tomato sauce, roasted garlic sauce, daiya cheese, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, tomatoes and fresh basil. this pizza was also really damn tasty, i loved the two sauce combination! the ingredients were all super fresh, and the thing was packed with flavor from the garlic sauce and basil. while i didn’t like this quite as much as the tuscan or sausage and mushroom, i’d highly suggest you try it if you are in an italian-y pizza kind of mood.


    so what are you gonna order on your pizza tonight?! remember, friday night is PIZZA NIGHT!!!! hit up zpizza and go wild. here is a list of their vegan options!

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  • Cafe Flourish and Fiore have way way better vegan pizza

  • I love their vegan sausage! It’s awesome. I had it on the Berkeley. Vegan sausage + Daiya = the best vegan pizza!

  • i love zpizza too! here’s my review 🙂


    I had their garlic sauce too! Do you know which of their other sauces are vegan?

  • The Tuscan is the best pizza

  • Love me some Z, but I think I’ll celebrate by making a pizza @ home tonight.

  • Do you know what brand of SOY CRUMBLES they use? Morningstar Farms recently (within the last 2 weeks) changed their soy crumbles recipe and have graciously added MILK and EGG to the once vegan mix!

    The packaging is unchanged and the change is easy to miss.


  • @Bil i’m not sure, but i will try to find out! zpizza says they are vegan, but i will dig deeper.

  • @Bil i can’t thank you enough for your comment! i just called zpizza and they do use morningstar farms. i just updated the post accordingly. what awful news.

  • I can’t wait for you to try a vegan Italian sausage pizza made with Match – it’d rock if some pizzerias in LA start offering it as a topping. Our local St. Louis pizzeria, Pi (President Obama’s favorite pizza, he had the chefs flown to the White House to cook it), makes it and I feel so “naughty” until I remember it’s vegan.

  • The Tuscan, which you recommended to us, is our FAVE!!! Y-U-M! …sucks about the crumbles. 🙁

  • When ordering the ‘Vegan Berkeley Veggie Pizza’ at the West Hollywood location a few weeks ago, I happened to ask if the pesto (one of the listed ingredients) was vegan. No. This also comes with the crumbles. I guess it’s best to build your own pizza with veggies. Hopefully the Daiya never changes.

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