• morningstar farms adds eggs and milk to vegan products!

    October 11th, 2009quarrygirlmorningstar farms, news, other, products

    i’m sad to report that one of my (previously) favorite fake meat brands has started being awfully cunty lately. morningstar farms has recently added both MILK AND EGGS to several of their formally vegan products.

    one of my favorite foods to be completely ruined by morningstar farms, was the meal starter crumbles. these things were perfect in any recipe that called for ground meat, and until recently they were vegan. then, without warning and without changing the packaging, morningstar farms added both skim milk and egg whites to the ingredients. gross, right? yeah.

    morningstar farms has added milk & eggs to thier vegan crumbles!

    morningstar farms has added milk & eggs to thier vegan crumbles!

    to make matters even worse, when morningstar farms wasn’t busy de-veganizing stuff, they were discontinuing other wonderful vegan products. like the meal starter steak strips, GONE. i used these strips all the time…in stir frys, in cornish pasties, in burritos, you name it. no more.

    morningstar farms steak strips discontinued!

    morningstar farms steak strips discontinued!

    this whole situation is pretty upsetting to me, and i probably won’t be buying much morningstar farms stuff in the future. if the crumbles are trashed, and the steak strips are gone, what else can they really offer me? if you buy morningstar farms products, i highly suggest you triple check the ingredients to make sure they haven’t snuck in any animal discharge.

    there is a thread going about this topic over on vegweb, complete with a response from the company that really doesn’t make me feel any better. buyer beware!

    oh, and special thanks to commenter Bil for bringing this all to my attention. you rock.

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  • the boca crumbles are vegan though 🙂 , hopefully z pizza pairs up with gardein asap . fuck morningstar

  • i heard this a while ago but a lot of grocery stores around my house still have the old bags that aren’t made with egg whites so get them while you can! I have just been using those non frozen yves bags

  • This news just makes me mad.

  • I was wondering where the steak strips went! God what assholes.

  • Morningstar and Kellogs has just helped me to reduced the amount of processed food that I buy from them and increase the amount of cooking I do for myself. I really like the Riblets, but there’s probably a recipe on VegWeb! I don’t want to buy corporate anyways, so they can suck my vegan burrito.

  • this is just stupid. that is all i have to say.

  • Just put two bags of crumbles in the trash. Thanks for pointing this out quarrygirl. So bummed.

  • Fortunately for me, I don’t purchase anything from them. However, I dislike them even more now.

  • wtf? There’s no reason to even do that! i imagine ADDING ingredients ups the price for them.. and they were perfectly good without those things. Morningstar has always been notorious for having animal ingredients in their products- luckily i started boycotting morningstar a while ago (using boca.. not as yummy but…) so I didn’t accidentally get any of the new products.

  • I highly recommend the steak strips from Trader Joes. I like them much better than the Morningstar ones, back when they existed. The TJ’s fake chicken strips are good too. But definitely a bummer about the crumbles. Those were the best!

  • i too love their crumbles – tacos, chili, spaghetti sauce!! and their chick’n strips, but those steak strips are so realistic they creeped me out.

    jerky morningstar farms.

  • Oh, that sucks. What were they thinking? Thanks for the alert. Won’t be buying from Morningstar and Kellog for sure! Is there a way we can collectively make them revert their (oh not-so-wise) decision? They should watch the Stop Animal Cruelty shows on http://www.SupremeMasterTV.com. It’s horrible how the animals are treated! We kind of deaden our senses as a society and individuals if we continue to kill and abuse animals this way. Cruelty must end, somehow, or this planet will end. God bless us all.

  • Kellogg SUCKS!! They’ve ruined a good thing.

  • that sucks about the crumbles…i stopped buying the steak strips awhile ago and get the trader joe’s beef strips instead…cheaper and they taste the same!

  • Yeah, morningstar was sneaky even before….I didn’t even know ANY of their products WERE vegan so I’m not as disappointed. Everything I ever checked by them had at least egg whites in it. There are many other better choices if you want fake meat.

  • WTF?!!! I USED to love their fake meat strips! Jerks!

  • Fuck. What a bunch of asshats. Switching to Trader Joe’s beef/chicken -less strips from now on.

  • kinda surprised you ate this stuff in the first place. doesn’t fake meat gross you out in its likeness to REAL meat?

  • I didn’t even know that Morningstar even offered any Vegan options… Well I guess they don’t now.

    Lalo – I guess you don’t follow this blog at all, it seems to be all about fake meat. I doubt they ever cook.

  • Err… Kellogg’s has owned Morningstar for ages… at least 3 years.

  • I love this blog! Thank you again for the info. Mwah!

  • @alex: my source was wrong! info fixed now. thank you so much for pointing that out. that’s what happens when i am trigger happy!

  • This is infuriating on multiple levels, especially because the Morningstar vegan Crumbles were what made my vegan tacos so wonderful.

  • It always saddens me to see good products lose their vegan-ity. It is absolutely unnecessary to have milk and eggs in a vegan meat product to make it “taste good.”

  • That’s really surprising considering they pledged in 2008 to use 1 million LESS eggs in 2009 and another 500,000 less in 2010. 🙁

    COK better get on their asses ASAP

  • i blame this because they where bought up by a huge corporation a while back and now this what they decided to do to make it “cheaper”!

  • What? I thought Morningstar was phasing out the dairy and egg ingredients in their products by the end of the year! I’ve gotten away from buying most of their products since most of them are not vegan. Now that I’ve learned this, I will not buy anything, even those vegan “ribs” that I like so much!

  • I don’t know about the crumbles, but Morningstar’s steak strips and chicken strips (the meal starte kits) were manufactured by Gardein/Garden Protein International, who has started to put out their own retail label. Keep an eye out—their stuff is AMAZING.

  • UGH! This sucks! But I have to back up everyone who said Trader Joe’s “steak” strips are good – they REALLY are. I eat them cold right out of the package all of the time. YUM! The chicken strips are good too, although a bit dry. And both are PROUDLY VEGAN – they say so right on the package 🙂

  • Almost too pissed off for words. I’m a relatively new vegan stuck in a town between Whole Foods stores, trying to help the rest of my family convert. There is absolutely NO reason for this.

    Well, you know what? To heck with them. I’ll be using eggplant or portabello muchrooms for that “meaty”
    texture in my dishes. MSF can KMA!

  • Why are you people so gullible you say you don’t want meat, but yet you are willing to trust companies that produce meatto pmanufature fake meat products. Learn to cook. if you want to know why go to http://www.responsibletechnology.org.

  • I stopped buying Morningstar Farms stuff a while ago. I just didn’t trust it, now I know why.

  • Also look at organicconsumers.org and while you are at it see what is happening with your Silk Milk and Horizon Organics yes, if you are using Silk you are going to be in for a surprise! They are downgrading the beans they use as well as the fertilizer and make no qualms about it. Now your milk is going to be called natural. What’s next slave labor? (I am giving you a hint) Silk and Horizon Organics of course are owned by Dean Foods. It’s madness to try to keep up with all of this but we must. Let them know that you are aware of their policies and that you don’t like it.


    I have half a bag of vegan crumbles in my freezer.

    So sad. So sad.

  • fuck you, morningstar.

  • lets sue them….im kinda for real. i havent been vegan for 16 years to have some careless decision like this compromise my decision to be a more compassionate person. and with no warning or anything. if they put “new improved recipe” or something like that i would have def read it. totally careless on their part. but what do they care as long as their pockets are overflowing……

  • Shame on you, Morningstar.

    (Any way we can collectively send these comments to their PR Dept.? Not that anything will change but I think they should know that they are alienating people with these decisions.)

  • If you think Morningstar Farms owes you something, you’re delusional.

    Companies have no obligation to keep their customers happy (though it is in their best interest if they want to stay in business), no obligation to keep manufacturing products, and no obligation to warn customers when they change products.

    That doesn’t mean you don’t get to be angry, you do.

    That said, one of the best ways to voice your dissatisfaction is to complain to the company *directly*, not complain about it on the internet…

  • To bad Morningstar. You were a regular in my freezer, but those days are over. Are you sure you want to stop being a staple in the vegan community?

  • Good bye, nuts, Morning star.

  • Disgrace on them for sure! Truly, what they care about is the money going into their pockets!

    And disgrace on you for using cunt in a pejorative manner! We were all birthed from one, so show some respect!

  • This is so screwed up.

    A major corporation buys out a successful, independent producer of great vegan products and now some of those products are turning to crap.

  • What do you mean they’re not vegan?
    Are the sausage patties still veggie, though?

    Because I’ll do dairy – but I refuse to eat eggs, and I just ate the morningstar….sausage…oh God…

  • Several months ago (after I saw Food, Inc.) I found out from an organic website and from Morning Star’s website that Morning Star uses GM ingredients, such as soy. I haven’t used them since. I was getting weirded out by their steak strips anyway. I don’t like the idea of relying on fake meat. I’m an organic vegan now.

  • I just tried the Morning Star farms crumbles & they tasted great. Haven’t tried the Boca ones yet, but if they taste better, that’s what I’ll go with. MSF products always taste better. However, I am not a vegan–not even a full vegetarian (stumbled on this blog via a word link). So the fact that they have milk & egg product doesn’t bother me.

  • DANGIT!!!!
    I’d thought they were okay since I’d read the ingredients previously. I’m going to read ingredients to new AND known food now despite my recent need for reading glasses. I emailed them to say some sort of packaging change or message would’ve been appropriate. I think Boca puts such information on their packaging so I will switch or cut out isolated soy protein altogether due to potential health risks I’ve found out about recently.

  • The steak strips were waaaay too salty anyway. Morningstar Farms is supremely lame in any case. Try Upton’s Naturals crumbles, they are awesome!

  • pissed off reviewer

    Fuck you and the author of this article, unappreciative spoiled brat! >:(

  • hey there, i’m the reviewer of this product. what exactly is your problem?

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