• vegan cadbury creme eggs. it’s all over now.

    September 6th, 2009quarrygirlvegan bakers

    exciting news, people. vegan desserts in los angeles have just been taken to the next level. since my first taste of products from the fakery bakery, i’ve been a huge fan of their animal-free goodies. their peanut butter cups and baklava won me over immediately, as did their willingness to take on the challenge of “veganizing” anything customers could dream up.

    vegan cadbury creme eggs from the fakery bakery

    vegan cadbury creme eggs from the fakery bakery

    well, i can say from first hand experience that the fakery bakery is not fucking around when they say that they’ll make a vegan version of pretty much any dessert. i was lucky enough to get an order of their amazing faux cadbury creme eggs, and they absolutely blew my mind. while these suckers aren’t on the fakery’s online menu, you can special order them…and you won’t regret it. it has been years since i had a real cadbury creme egg, and these vegan versions were so damn close, i almost cried. i seriously ate 3 immediately without even thinking about it. the fluffy white center complete gooey yellow “yolk”, the soft velvety chocolate and all around sugary madness, it was all there. the only big difference between these fakery eggs and their non-vegan counterparts, is that the fakery ones were much bigger and shaped slightly differently. more candy per serving? i’m not complaining.

    peanut butter cups 2.0 from the fakery bakery

    peanut butter cups 2.0 from the fakery bakery

    and there’s even more exciting news! since my original post about the fakery bakery’s awesome peanut butter cups, they have wowed me again with their peanut butter cups 2.0. the old cups were basically little round open-face chocolate containers, filled with a swirly peanut butter filling. the new ones however, are closer to the old school peanut butter cups i ate as a kid. delicious peanut buttery-sugary filling, surrounded completely by rich chocolate in the shape of a cupcake. i loved these so hard.


    like the cadbury eggs, these special new peanut butter cups are not listed on the fakery’s menu, but they are available for special order. i suggest you get your hands (and mouth) on this stuff as soon as you can. your inner fat kid will thank you.

    check out the fakery bakery’s website.
    follow them on twitter.
    and dream up some amazing dessert you never thought could be veganized, email them and tell them, and let your mind blow.


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  • Can I just say that I love you right now for showing me to the fakery bakery.

    I also hate you because I’m drooling & can’t get to the damn peanut butter cups!

  • as a Brit, I grew up on cadbury creme eggs. I’d eat them constantly (I blamed them on a major zit outbreak when I was 17, so never ate them again. yuk). These creme eggs capture the essence, taste and texture of the original in a way I’ve not yet experienced. Thanks, FaBa — these are so amazing.

  • mr. meaner, anytime you want some of these bad boys you let me know! i will be the vegan creme egg fairy.

  • I thought you guys tried my vegan Cadbury Creme Eggs a couple times when I brought them to events. Great to know the Fakery Bakery is doing so well!

  • ElectricSunflower

    Okay – you completely killed me with this post. Must….try….

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