• this weekend: arme vegan bake sale, doomie’s revenge & seitan makin’!

    August 27th, 2010quarrygirlvegan bakers, vegan events

    hey los angeles! this weekend is packed full of awesome vegan events that you should know about. cancel your plans, and get ready to eat.

    first off, remember those peanut butter cups i used to rave and rave about from the fakery bakery?! they are one of the best vegan desserts EVER, and they haven’t been available for ages. well, i’m happy to announce that they are back for one day only, and will be for sale on sunday at the arme bake sale at locali. the sale will be held on sunday from 9am – 6pm (or until supplies run out), and all the proceeds go to helping rescued animals. it’s a great cause, and a great chance to chow down on vegan treats that aren’t normally available. YOU HAVE TO TRY THE FAKERY BAKERY PB CUPS, they are the bomb. for more info on the bake sale, check out their facebook page.

    secondly, doomie’s is BACK ON SATURDAY for another all you can eat brunch at the meet market, and the menu looks pretty impressive! right now it includes french toast, breakfast burritos, mostaciolli rigati with basil cream, chicken & dumplings, shepards pie, choc chip cookies, rice crispy treats, ghetto style banana cream pie, and a few “other surprises”!

    the last brunch was so popular that they started running out of food early in the day, but doomie has assured us that won’t happen again. from doomie himself:

    Two weekends ago Doomie’s Home Cookin’ was honored with the chance to host a guest brunch at The Meet Market. While we felt that most of the initial dishes were a delicious success and the attendance far exceeded our expectations on 24hrs notice, overall we left feeling failed and defeated. Once all the seats filled up, people had to wait for an open table. Once some food ran out people had to wait for new food to be made. Some people left disappointed. It was a nightmare for us. This Saturday, we want revenge.

    On Aug 28, Doomie’s Home Cookin’ returns to The Meet Market to once again battle the hunger of LA’s Vegan community.
    This time we’ll be ready for you! Our game plan for success includes:

    *$10 for all you can eat or $8 for a one trip to-go box to combat the problem of limited seating
    *Greater variety of items
    *A focus on Lunch items
    *Foods that cook quicker and serve easier
    *Additional Doomie’s Kitchen staff

    We will try to right the wrongs and win your hearts through your stomachs. Are you ready?

    Doomie’s Revenge Brunch
    Sat Aug 28
    10am-2pm (unless 200 people show up and we run out of food)
    @ The Meet Market
    3206 W Sunset Blvd (at Descanso)
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

    lastly, there’s a seitan making class on sunday at shojin! they make some of the best wheat meat in town, so be sure to get over there and learn the secrets.

    that’s all i got for now! hope you have a wonderful and delicious weekend. 🙂


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  • Hope the “other surprises” don’t include the obviously non-vegan bacon Doomie served last time.

  • I want that vegan peanut butter cup!!! 🙂

  • Agreed, that bacon was NOT vegan. It had white streaks in it and looked like morningstar farms. Plus, the kitchen staff wouldn’t tell me what brand it was. Shady.

  • Aw, Im on the east coast.

  • That was not Morningstar Farms! That shit looks like dog treats. It looked like seitan to me. Jeez. Doomie wouldn’t do that. I’m willing to bet they made it themselves.

  • The bacon didn’t look like seitan at all. It was pre-packaged and 2 colors. Probably Loma Linda brand, which also isn’t vegan.

  • Dammit, why am I always utterly broke when Shojin does a class? I must know the secrets of their seitan!

  • the best thing about this post is that first comment. god bless us, every one, lover love. sorry, i had to.
    *(and i am not an atheist)

  • I would call the banana cream pie trailor park trash style banana cream pie. I have eatin banana cream pie from the ghetto and there is nothing ghetto about it. Its uber delishhhh. Doomie’s food was really tasteless and not worth $10. I will stick with Sunday Brunch.

  • Holy snickeeessss!!! I’m going to stock up at the ARME sale on Sunday – I’ll be working that night, and need snacks to make the non-vegheads jealous!


  • raspberryrush, aren’t you curious as to what brand of bacon it was? This isn’t hating, just questioning. That bacon wasn’t vegan.

  • It looked homemade. Did you see it in packages?

  • Note: I got there right when it opened, and what they were serving DEFINITELY wasn’t any prepackaged brand I’d ever seen, vegan or ovo-lacto. It looked like thin strips of seitan, fried nice and crispy. Not like Morningstar or Stripples or any of that other yucky stuff.

  • Oh, btw, my tip on vegan peanut butter cups: Surfas in Culver City has vegan chocolate cups (we get the ones shaped like hearts) that we use to make our own peanut butter cups. Mix peanut butter with graham cracker crumbs until it’s the right consistency and plop that shit in! Too easy.

  • Doomie's Home Cookin'

    Tasteless food!??! Obviously you didn’t get to try the questionably-vegan-bacon! It’s not tasteless, it tastes like . . . BACON! I apologize that the food kicked out later was not up to par, please come check us out again. We’re a little more prepared this time. And if you don’t think it’s worth 10 bucks, you can always get a to-go box for 8 bucks!

    As far as the bacon goes, yer all wrong! There are rules to cooking vegan. If you intentionally break break the rules, you are a fraud, not a chef. Besides, where is the fun in making vegan bacon that’s not vegan? We spent about 5 hours cooking up 200 strips. Fun! I would love to share, but trade secrets are what keep us special. I will say that on the package is the word VEGAN. Also in the ingredients there are no dairy or egg products like the other brands mentioned above. Btw, Morningstar does taste like dog treats, I know, I’ve tried both. So the deal is we don’t make the bacon, we make the bacon better. Back at the restaurant we used to carry two bacons, the vegan one, which we served the other week, and a vegetarian one that had whey in it. The vegetarian one tasted more like bacon than . . bacon! If anyone still doesn’t believe it’s vegan, well that’s more for everyone else. Actually we’re not even bringing bacon. 5 hours work, 200 strips, gone in an hour, remember? Learned our lesson with that one. I gotta get back to cooking or else everybody will be eating diddly squat tomorrow.

    Thank you all for the comments, good and bad. Remember, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

    See you tomorrow,


  • Doomie – that wasn’t vegan bacon. You know it, we know it. Admit your fuckup, promise it won’t happen again and we can all move on.

  • Doomie's Home Cookin'

    WOW! This is more panties in a bundle than a Victoria’s Secret clearance bin.

    You are right. Every IDIOT KNOWS that bacon wasn’t vegan. I personally would put little faith in what idiots claim to know. For those of you who are not idiots but rather just unsure, let me assure you once again, the bacon was vegan.

    I’m still not telling you what it is, especially when people are idiots about it. I have however likely found a way to prove it that should satisfy all reasonable parties. And provided all works out, I will now accept your apologies in advance.


  • Damn, vegans are some paranoid assholes to each other. I’ve said it a million times before, and I’ll say it again: you’re your own worst enemies.

  • LISTEN PEOPLE: chill out! i just saw pix of doomie’s bacon package, and it was definitely vegan. i read all the ingredients! so calm down, and go eat at doomie’s today!

    doomie’s rules, and i can’t wait to try their bacon.

  • I’m glad bacongate is over. Doomie, see you in a few hours for what I’m sure will be an awesome, VEGAN brunch. Thanks for rising above this stupidity.

  • Wow that “Doomies Lied” person seems really angry! Even typed in all caps!!! Wow! Hahahaa!!!!!
    Glad Quarrygirl cleared things up. Now I can safely say….
    Yes I said moded. In all caps too!

    Fuck! Some people.

    I think this is why I associate with only a couple of vegans (tho I am one myself). Most are annoying little pricks.

  • bahahahaha, bacongate!

  • Just got back from Doomies. Oh god. I’m so full I can hardly move bprobably the best $10 I have ever spent. And tha Breakfast burrito? OMG.

  • Thank you QG for posting about the Doomie brunch because I went with a friend and it was fantastic! We’ve never tried so many new veganized foods in one sitting before. The stand-outs were chicken dumplings, shepherd’s pie and salad–yes, the salad was great! There was hardly a wait and the food trays were always full. The weaker items for me were the spanish rice (too mushy) and banana cream pie cup (too sweet). But I can’t wait for Doomie’s next brunch!

    @frog: LOL

  • Be careful if you got the $3 chocolate cupcakes at the bakesale. I found a fingernail in mine!

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