• mrs. winston’s green grocery: LA’s best vegan-friendly salad bar

    August 17th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, mrs. winston's
    mrs. winston's salad bar. $7.95 per pound.

    mrs. winston's salad bar. $7.95 per pound.

    vegans, forget everything you know. you have not been to a salad bar until you’ve been to mrs. winston’s green grocery. the small deli has a build-your-own salad and sandwich section that puts even the venice whole foods to shame. we hit up mrs. winston’s in santa monica over the weekend and enjoyed some overflowing boxes of salad on their pleasant outdoor patio. i can’t believe have a been a vegan in los angeles for so many years and this was only my first time eating here. the food completely blew my mind.


    the long tables where you fill up your take-out container are just overflowing with fresh organic produce, vegan pastas, loads of specialty vegan items like “egg”, “turkey”, and “chicken” salad, plus about 20 different kinds of marinated tofu—all at just $7.95 per pound. vegan salad heaven, i am telling you!


    everything that’s vegan is clearly labeled as such, so there’s no guesswork involved in filling up your box with meatless goodness.


    there are about two walls full of just vegan offerings, and i think it would take several trips of gorging myself at mrs. winston’s before i could possibly try everything.


    we shoved as much delicious food as we could into our take-out boxes, and completely stuffed ourselves for just $17. i definitely will be back to mrs. winston’s, and i can’t wait.


    mrs. winstons actually has 3 locations on the westside—one on ocean park, one on colorado, and one on avenue of the stars. i went to the ocean park location, as i’m pretty sure it’s the only one open on weekends.

    so head over to mrs. winston’s green grocery as soon as you have a chance. and show up HUNGRY, because it’s the best vegan salad bar in town!


    mrs. winston’s green grocery
    3150 Ocean Park Blvd
    Ste A
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    (310) 452-7770

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  • mmm i love mrs. winston’s

  • I have been wanting to go to this place FOREVER but I’m rarely near any of the locations, except for occasionally I am in Century City and every time I look for the place I can’t find it. I don’t look as hard as I should though because I cannot stand Century City and the thought of having to go into one of those terrible giant underground parking structures to search for the restaurant is enough to give me a panic attack. But seeing these pictures, maybe I will make the effort one of these days.

    Also, spicy peanut shells? what?!

  • this place looks great! wish they had one on the other side of town….

  • I work on 24th and Broadway in Santa Monica, and between Mrs. Winston’s and the Green Truck, I’m totally hooked up for vegan lunches.

    Mrs. Winston’s rocks because vegan offerings are all labeled, (even the sandwich breads!), and because they have some unusual offerings in the salad bar that work well on sandwiches, too.

    They’ve got like 10 kinds of sprouts, tons of different greens and different tofu and eggplant spreads.

    I really love this place for a quick, healthy lunch.

  • i eat there almost daily. my sandwhich costs about $5 and is nice and fresh. Salads get steep. about $10 or more

    eric- whats at the green truck besides the 1 vegan burger which is just so so?

  • xscottx – i also order the falafel from the green truck and ask them to replace the tzatziki sauce with the mother trucker sauce.

    agreed the burger is just so-so. the falafel won’t knock your socks off, either, but i am thankful for the relatively cheap vegan lunch options.

  • thanks Eric. i will try that in a pinch i suppose. Whole Foods and the CoOp are still better options to me and walkable.

    for a place that calls itself the Green Truck, you would think they would have some more Vegetarian options. what could be greener?

  • i want those spicy peanut shells…. NOW! if only i didn’t hate going to the west side so much…

  • I love Winston’s. I can’t wait til they open one in Echo Park.

  • Aw Mrs. Winston’s! I use to go there all the time when I went AI. Their salads are so tasty and they have so many vegan treats to satisfy. I miss it! Burbank is really far away from Santa Monica.

  • That looks overwhelmingly good!

  • Haha finally! The only thing I miss about the west side 🙁

  • Hey quarrygirl! Nice website! I see you a lot on laist, and didn’t know you had your own vegan oriented website going.

    I have a question. I’ve been trying to get a dvd copy of “Earthlings”. Two friends of mine went vegan after watching this film. I tried to get the guy who runs the “meat is murder” booth on Venice boardwalk on weekends to get me a copy. He gave me a card, but won’t return my calls.

    Let me know, you have my e-mail addy now.

  • jrb you can watch earthlings on google video for free. Check it out here http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6361872964130308142

    First time to Mrs Winstons!!!!! WTF!!!! JUST FYI every time you go you notice something different you didn’t see last time you were there and you perfect your vegan sandwich making skills! Also, fridays are guess the weight of your salad and its free.

    Liz, for the Century City one, park at the mall on the side of starbucks(in the same building as Mrs Winstons)/movie theater(at the mall) walk up to that starbucks and into that building and out the other side and you’re at Mrs Winstons. You can eat your salad at the black chairs outside starbucks. Its really nice! Also parking is free at the mall for under a certain amount of time. I’ve never paid or had trouble there, plus they have those nice green and red lights to illuminate the open spaces!

    I like the Water Garden location

  • Thanks for that link Lex. Hopefully there is some info on the film or distribution co in the credits, I’d still like to have a copy in my dvd collection.

  • Hot Dogs 10 to a Pack, Hot Dogs 8 to a Pack? NOT ANY MORE! Finally, a wiener for every bun.

  • A vegan-friendly salad bar? How cool!! I wish they’d open this sort of thing in Pasadena.

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