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    March 4th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, mrs. winston's

    mrs. winston’s green grocery is a herbivore’s paradise. the small market has a few locations on LA’s west side, and each one comes equipped with a vegan-friendly salad bar that puts all other los angeles pay-by-weight buffet options to shame. at $7.95 per pound, you have your pick of constantly rotating salads, pastas, vegetable, fake meats, soups, breads, desserts, and more.

    all vegan!

    we recently checked out the ocean park storefront, and were blown away (AGAIN!) by the vegan selections of the day. as you can see above, EVERYTHING pictured was vegan, and labeled as such. and there was even more…

    stuff like spicy vegan super green noodles…

    sweet and sour tofu, curry tofu, kung pao tofu, rice, “cheezy” garlic pasta…

    rice pudding…

    chocolate mousse…

    …even eerily realistic VEGAN PASTRAMI!

    we grabbed a bit of everything, as well as some vegan bread. here is our bounty:

    portion #1: salads, beans, tofu, loads of hot sauce, and other randomness.

    portion #2: VEGAN PASTRAMI, bread, salads, rice, more randomness.

    i don’t remember the exact price of our meals, but the combined total was over $20. pay-by-weight is always a bit on the expensive side, but i can promise you that mrs. winston’s is well worth it. lex and kristin over at the healthy vegans suggest draining your selections of liquid before putting them in your tray, to make the whole thing weigh less and cost less, haha!

    high prices aside, everything at mrs. winston’s is delicious, the selection changes daily, and it’s all fresh. plus, they have an enormous amount of vegan options. surely, that’s worth supporting!

    mrs. winston’s green grocery
    3150 Ocean Park Blvd
    Ste A
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    (310) 452-7770

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  • i tried to find this place when i was in santa monica and had a lot of trouble!

  • Its our fav place to go on Fridays for the guess the weight get it free game!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I wish for one of these to open in Pasadena!!

  • Best place! Walking distance from where I live!

  • Lynn – I had a really hard time finding it the first time, too. Parking in that area is basically non-existent.

    I happen to work in a building across the street from Mrs. Winston’s, so on work days it’s easy for me.

    You might be able to park in the Ralph’s parking lot and walk over to Winston’s. But yeah, access is a problem!!!

  • the vegan turkey salad @ Mrs W is insane! i’ve done like weeklong benders on that shit alone! win-ning.

  • Can someone find the recipe for their “turkey salad”. It is the best of I ever eaten. I am a big fan and loved when I worked in Santa Monica!

  • The ultimate salad bar by far. I have been a loyal customer for years, even when the establishment was in Century City (West Los Angeles).

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