• February 20th, 2010quarrygirlproducts

    i have been cursed with the unfortunate combo of a gigantic sweet tooth, and no baking skills whatsoever. luckily though, more and more companies are rolling out delicious and easy to make vegan products, so i can be just as lazy as the rest of america!

    the latest super tasty no-brainer product i’ve tried is eat pastry ready-made cookie dough. this stuff popped up overnight and is now available in the refrigerated section at whole foods locations all over socal. it has an eye-catchingly cute design and super simple to follow instructions.

    you basically just form the dough into little tablespoon sized balls, pat ’em down, and bake ’em at 340 for 12 minutes. soooooooo easy and sooooooo scrumptious. and because there are no nasty-ass eggs in this stuff that may poison you, feel free to eat it raw! i did, and it was awesome.

    eat pastry uses only natural certified organic products, and i would say their cookies have a lighter and healthier taste than other vegan baked goods i’ve tried. they are still very flavorful, very tasty, and very convenient…so i know i will be back for more.

    the only flavor i’ve eaten so far is chocoholic chunk (which is just as delicious as it sounds), but eat pastry also makes chocolate chunk, peanut butter, ginger, and oatmeal raisin. each container is 5 bucks, which is a pretty reasonable price considering you get about 2 dozen cookies out of it.

    so go forth, be lazy vegans, and consume vast amounts of cooked or uncooked cookie dough! it’s like livin’ in the future.


    PS: for another very enthusiastic review of eat pastry’s products, check out vegansaurus.

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  • January 23rd, 2010quarrygirlvegan bakers

    whoa, i never thought i’d see the day. first a national pizza chain offers a dairy-free cheese option, then a mexican fast food joint flirts with a huge plant-based protein, and now starbucks (the corporate-est of all corporate mofos) is offering lucy’s vegan cookies in locations across the nation!

    lucy's vegan cookies: $1.50 per bag of 4

    that’s right, starbucks has officially begun rolling out lucy’s line of vegan/gluten-free/nut-free cookies in several of their stores, and each bag of 4 cookies is under 200 calories! the cookies can be found in locations all over los angeles, and i gotta say, they are surprisingly delicious.

    when i first heard the healthy low-calorie stats on lucy’s cookies and learned that they were super allergy-friendly, i wrongly assumed that they wouldn’t taste very good. however when i got them home and took a bite, i seriously couldn’t stop. they are so addictive!

    chocolate chip, cinnamon, sugar cookie

    they’re hard, crunchy, and super sweet…and are seriously like little sugar-coated pieces of crack. they come in chocolate chip, cinnamon, and sugar cookie flavor; and while my personal favorite is the chocolate chip, all varieties are awesome.

    so next time you are in starbucks, be sure to buy a bag (or 3) of lucy’s cookies! let’s support their huge decision to cater to vegans.

    oh, and if you wanna go even further and send starbucks a thank you note, check out this form on veggywood.com!

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  • December 13th, 2009quarrygirlproducts

    vegan roman bar

    the roman bar was born in 1990 when roman starno had the idea to dip a fig newton into some chocolate and let it cool. today, almost 20 years later, a variation of that experiment is available at stores all over southern california and beyond. they come in several different flavors, and recently i had an opportunity to sample the raspberry variety. completely vegan, this treat tastes just like a fruity fig newton encased in thick chocolate. chewy and soft in the middle and perfectly sweet, the roman bar packs tons of delicious flavor. each bar is under 200 calories, so they make for a tasty and guilt-free snack any time of day.

    you can find the roman bar at select whole foods locations in socal, as well as in the nature mart bulk bins, at the santa monica co-opportunity, and at follow your heart market. if you are in the mood for something fruity and chocolatey, give the roman bar a try, it won’t disappoint!

    box of roman bars

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