• snack attack: VEGAN COOKIES at starbucks!

    January 23rd, 2010quarrygirlvegan bakers

    whoa, i never thought i’d see the day. first a national pizza chain offers a dairy-free cheese option, then a mexican fast food joint flirts with a huge plant-based protein, and now starbucks (the corporate-est of all corporate mofos) is offering lucy’s vegan cookies in locations across the nation!

    lucy's vegan cookies: $1.50 per bag of 4

    that’s right, starbucks has officially begun rolling out lucy’s line of vegan/gluten-free/nut-free cookies in several of their stores, and each bag of 4 cookies is under 200 calories! the cookies can be found in locations all over los angeles, and i gotta say, they are surprisingly delicious.

    when i first heard the healthy low-calorie stats on lucy’s cookies and learned that they were super allergy-friendly, i wrongly assumed that they wouldn’t taste very good. however when i got them home and took a bite, i seriously couldn’t stop. they are so addictive!

    chocolate chip, cinnamon, sugar cookie

    they’re hard, crunchy, and super sweet…and are seriously like little sugar-coated pieces of crack. they come in chocolate chip, cinnamon, and sugar cookie flavor; and while my personal favorite is the chocolate chip, all varieties are awesome.

    so next time you are in starbucks, be sure to buy a bag (or 3) of lucy’s cookies! let’s support their huge decision to cater to vegans.

    oh, and if you wanna go even further and send starbucks a thank you note, check out this form on veggywood.com!

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  • perfect. i’ll pop into starbucks and pick up a packet of these and take them across the street to pete’s where I can get decent coffee. starbucks’ coffee really is bad.

  • I work at starbucks, and was just as surprised! We also have a couple options of raw granola bars, dried fruits, vegan dark chocolate, some pretty tasty fruit n’ nut combos. A good portion of our new snack foods are vegan. I never thought I’d see the day.

  • Peet’s coffee also has vegan ginger cookies and a fat free apricot oatmeal vegan scone. don’t fooled by food that advertises low calories, its meaningless unless its low fat calories. These cookies are around 33% fat which actually isn’t too terrible. 20% being an idle lesser evil packaged good.

  • I’ll check these out, though I prefer chewy cookies.

  • Lucy’s cookies are also gluten free; although always check the packaging! And yes just noticed they also are stocking KIND bars, which I am addicted to – so yummy nut bars (try the almond/cashew o the strawberry/nut delight) that are also gluten free. Way to go Starbucks.

  • I never go to Starbucks, but it’s nice to know these are there! 🙂

    Also, my friends and I went to Shojin last night and we’re going to Rahel tomorrow, thanks to your reviews!

  • forgot to add: Lucy’s cookies are not the BEST vegan cookies. Urth Cafe takes that crown!

  • Cool, I will ask for these next time I’m in a Starbucks. Thanks!

  • Urth Cafe cookies are okay. We bake chocolate chip cookies that are WAY better.

  • I don’t go to starbucks but this is GREAT news! “sugar-coated pieces of crack” ha ha!!!

  • Miss Anthrope;

    Are these cookies being vegan a coincidence that could go away or did Starbucks make the conscious decision to have something vegan ( or at least hypoallergenic ) to offer their customers?

  • @beforewisdom: i dunno, i am hoping it was conscious. either way, i hope they stick around!

  • Oh man, definitely going to support this!

  • It’s about time! It always surprised me that Starbucks, being from such a veg-friendly city like Seattle, didn’t offer at least one or two vegan options. It’s very exciting, and I sent them a letter of thanks based on veggywood’s. Since veggywood didn’t have SB’s email contact on the post, I’ll include it here: http://www.starbucks.com/customer/contact.asp

  • I’m all about supporting vegan options (and I did this morning when I purchased some with my morning coffee), but these cookies taste like cardboard. Well, maybe sandy cardboard. I’m worried people will eat these and think vegan cookies have to taste this way! I appreciate what Lucy’s is trying to do with this product, but I couldn’t even finish the four small cookies in the bag.

  • Since I read and commented on this post, I have walked into at least four different Los Angeles Starbucks and asked for these. The employees in all four places had never heard of these cookies. This is a bit odd.

  • I just went into a Starbucks in NYC and asked for Lucy’s cookies. They never heard of them. So the only vegan option they appear to offer is soymilk.

  • Ill def being buying more than a few bags of these!! vegan and gluten free! Now that is where it’s at!

  • I was seriously sooo thrilled when i saw these the other day!! Vegan AND allergy free! Crazy.

    And they tasted really good.

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