• Vegan Field Report: Gelateria Valentino in Rome, Italy

    October 22nd, 2011quarrygirlitaly, more restaurants (not LA)

    today’s field report is by christina, who recently went on a european trip and stopped off in rome, italy for some vegan gelato. i’m jealous!

    Just a short walk from the beautiful Trevi Fountain is Gelateria Valentino, one of my first stops every time I go to Rome. It’s true that all throughout Italy you can get vegan sorbet, (though you always have to ask which sorbets don’t contain milk–many flavors do, and it varies by establishment.) but it’s very rare to find a soy gelato, which makes it creamier and comes in non-fruit flavors.

    Valentino’s always has two soy (or soia as it’s called in Italy) flavors, and often there is a rich chocolate flavor that doesn’t contain soy or milk. I have spoken with the owner, Valentino on several occasions and he understands the needs of the vegan customer and neither he nor his staff will steer you wrong. The best part, though, is that the gelato is delicious! Creamy, refreshing–a truly artisan delight. One of the places in L.A. boasting vegan offerings is icy and I can tell they haven’t mastered the art of making an amazing vegan offering. Not so with Valentino’s. Not to mention, for a location so near the Trevi, the price is very reasonable. (About $3 US for two scoops.)

    Via del Lavatore, 96
    Tel +39 06.6783219
    Website: http://www.gelateriavalentino.it

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  • That is not true!!! I been to Italy many times the last couple years and in most major cities you will find vegan Gelato. Roome only, I remember there is at least 7 places I had vegan Gelato. All you will have to ask for is “gelato vegetail senza zucchero e lattosio” Gelato dairy and sugar free. Blue Ice is the biggest Gelateria chain in Rome that always have two vegan Ice cream options. they easy to find most of their location are in touristy area.

  • Every city, every corn in Italy you can practically find soy gelato! A lot of people are lactose intolerant. Oh this posts reminds me of how much I miss ROME!

  • Sugar free? Screw that.

  • because, you don’t know if the sugar is vegan or not, anyway it’s really good and healthier.

  • Interesting that the rest of you have found soy gelato all over Italy! I found tons of vegan sorbet, but only a handful of gelato made with soy. I did visit another very large gelato place in Rome that offered soy, however it was crazy busy, and you had to stand in line to pay for the gelato, then stand in line to choose your gelato. It took over almost an hour for the six of us to get served. I don’t have that kind of time to spend on gelato! Anyway, I’ve been to Valentino’s half a dozen times and I love it.

  • It’s very good to see that Rome has more and more vegan ice cream options! But for me Gelarmony (34 Via Marcantonio Colonna) will be always the best. They have an entire section of vegan ice cream (soy and rice) and homemade vegan weep cream 🙂

  • I am a huge vegan desserts fan, this looks fantastic!

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