• on tour vegan style with silver snakes: portland!

    October 19th, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), portland

    yep! we’re still on tour with the band silver snakes, and today they’re hitting the vegan capital of america: portand, oregon. here’s what they’ve eaten so far, as texted to me by band member alex.

    Sizzle Pie in Portland

    Sizzle pie. Portland, OR. Special veggie slice of the day and “half” a slice of the “spinal tap” (no cheese, carmelized onion spread and nutritional yeast) the crust is amazing. Super glad we checked this place out!

    Homegrown Smoker in Portland

    Homegrown smoker Portland, OR. Met up with a bunch of old friends and finally tried out this food stand. Ribs, meatloaf, greens, mac and cornbread. This was so damn good! The meatloaf was my favorite part.

    fuck yeah!! those are 2 of my favorite places to eat on the planet. for the QG reviews, click here and here.

    and check out silver snakes! we’ll be back with more food from them tomorrow!

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