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    August 26th, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), portland

    here at quarrygirl.com, we are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest vegan pizza. “normal” pizza is the very last thing we gave up as vegetarians, so finding a good substitute is a quest that’s very near to our hearts. our latest pizza breakthrough was a big one, and it took place at sizzle pie in portland.

    let us play your party: house red sauce, muchrooms, spinach, black olives, white onions and not-a-ricotta. $4

    although sizzle pie is an omnivorous establishment, their vegan options are plentiful, creative, and even sold by the slice! on top of that, it’s honestly some of the best pizza i’ve ever had. in a city with an overwhelming amount of vegan-friendly restaurants, we went to sizzle pie TWICE during our recent 4 day PDX trip. that should tell you how much we enjoyed the place.

    on our first visit, we just stopped by for a couple slices each at 4 bucks a pop. sizzle pie has something for all vegan pizza lovers: they’ve got daiya for fake cheese fans, creamy spreads made from cashews or caramelized onions, nutritional yeast covered pies, and a cilantro pepitas pesto topping. the menu items all have fun names as well—we went with a slice of “let us play your party” (pictured in the center above) which came with house red sauce, mushrooms, spinach, black olives, white onions and not-a-ricotta. plus 3 slices of “spiral tap”…

    spiral tap: creamy caramelized onion spread, house marinara red sauce and a light dusting of nutritional yeast. $4

    the vegan slices were incredible! the spiral tap especially with its rich spread, topped off with tangy tomato sauce and creamy nooch. another thing i loved about this pizza is that the slices were massive, thin, and proper. you know, you could fold them in half. respect…

    our next visit to sizzle pie was even better. this time we got a couple slices and a normal pie to share.

    new maps out of hell: creamy basil cashew spread, seasoned soy curls, and choice of 3 veggies. $16

    we ordered a medium sized “new maps out of hell,” which came with basil cashew spread, seasoned soy curls, and 3 vegetables of choice. we went with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and garlic—a great combo! this pizza was awesome, and so different from the other slices. because it was smaller, the dough was much thicker and bubbly. the best part about this pizza though, was the seasoned soy meat on top. what the hell are these magical soy curl thingies, and why aren’t they available in LA? they’re excellent!

    like they did on our first visit, sizzle pie had two vegan pizzas on offer by the slice…so naturally, we got one of each.

    the first one was spiral tap (same as the last time), and the new flavor we tried was “no conditions”.

    no conditions: daiya mozzarella, creamy basil cashew spread and soy curls on whole wheat crust. $4

    again with the soy curls, i die! so damn good. this pizza packed a double hit of richness as it came with both daiya mozzarella AND basil cashew spread. they really worked well together, and sizzle pie used just enough daiya without going overboard.

    did i mention that sizzle pie serves wine and beer as well? craft beer, to be exact?

    we washed our pizza down with a stone IPA and the house red, and were all set.

    seriously, after trying four of the different options that sizzle pie has to offer, i can say that it was some of the best pizza i’ve ever had in my life. vegan or otherwise!

    in addition to the amazing food, sizzle pie is also open super late, they have a gorgeous back patio, offer a vegan-friendly brunch, and have arcade tables set up in the restaurant. what’s not to love about this place? don’t miss it.

    sizzle pie
    624 E Burnside St
    Portland, OR 97214
    Sunday – Thursday, 11am – 3am and Friday & Saturday, 11am-4am

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