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  • The photos look kinda blah so I guess I’ll have to go and check it out myself.

  • I will be interested to see your review after you have eaten here but from just this I think I have to say…No Thank You!

  • My boyfriend (heavy carnivore) and I went to eat here tonight unplanned. He ordered the BBQ and I got the Stuffed Shells. Because this was their 2nd day opened and had plenty of customers, they had run out of quite a few things, which is always a good sign. I felt bad for him because his plate wasn’t as good as mine. The bbq tofu was good but the mashed potatoes left a lot to be desired. I think a simple solution of some garlic and chives in there would seriously do the trick. He got the chili to replace the baked beans that they were out of, which was good. My stuffed shells were amazing and the toasted roll came out perfect. I had the cinnamon roll, which was great, while he had the tiramasu which he seemed very happy about. All in all, I will continue to support this place because I know they have what it takes to make it. I might not bring the meat eater with me though. I hope everyone else gives this place a shot.

  • Not the most impressive menu. Pretty basic stuff, but Long Beach needs more options. That’s my hometown & all, but man there are, like, three places I can count on. Totally spoiled by L.A.’s vegan spots.

    I will give these guys a shot.

  • Why on earth would Quarry Girl waste our time writing about some place she hasn’t even been to yet??!! Christ. When one’s words are not better than silence, one should stay silent. And no, that does not apply to my post.

  • When one has a lack of material, one should wait until they do – and not use fluff & filler in the meantime.

  • So glad you posted this. I was hesitant to try this place after reading the comments from Long Beach folks on your post from last night. These pictures confirm what they’re saying. Overpriced boring food that I could make at home.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

  • wish i’d have read this earlier before venturing there today. it was fucking horrible. i don’t read this blog because i’m not vegan, but i was lead to this post when googling the menu. it looks like they should have waited until they had some decent food before opening.

  • hahaha, this made me laugh. give them another try in a few weeks!

  • hey jackie, QG here! i definitely wasn’t trying to piss you (or anyone) off with my post. what you see as lack of material, i see as definite material (as opposed to no material) supplied by other people. i’ve had LOTS of questions, @replies on twitter, and facebook comments about this place since i posted on it a month ago. since then, nobody else has covered it (to my knowledge), and i probably won’t have a chance to go there for awhile. i thought it was a good idea to supply my readers with all the info i had. hence, this menu and photo posting sent to me via a reader.

  • Hahaha, this made me laugh! What is going to be better in a few weeks? I’m not vegan and I also found this website because I thought the food at Long Beach Vegan Eatery was disgusting and tried to google the menu.

  • Jack Bee Garland

    As a LB native I can attest to the fact that WE HAVE FEW DECENT & RELIABLE VEGAN OPTIONS. That being said, I’m super glad that LBVE has graced us with their presence and that QG is keeping her readers as informed as possible.
    I tried out LBVE today and was satisfied with their food but not blown away. The menu choices could use a bit more creativity and the prices are a bit high.
    Yea, I could prepare most of their dishes at home for a fraction of the cost but when I’m exhausted after a day of school/work I’m going to head to LBVE. The fact that they are a 100% vegan establishment, independently owned, and in my hometown is enough for me to make them a go to place.

    p.s. Jackie, how the hell is this blog post “fluff & filler”? This is a food blog about a person’s opinions about items they try. Quarry Girl never claimed to be a vegan encyclopedia. Get off her case.

  • Looks like Jackie got schooled.

  • They’ve got baked potatoes, so they are golden in my book! Thanks for the menu pics!

  • ugh, everything could be better after the first day, duh.

  • Nobody got schooled, except for Long Beach Vegan Eatery. That food looks horrible.

  • I for one am glad to see a totally vegan eatery pop up in Long Beach, for as big as the city is healthy vegan or even vegetarian establishments are far and few between. I had lunch there today and while not blown away I was satisfied. I will go again as owner Jeff was very pleasant and attentive and a hard worker. I would like to see this place succeed and make improvements along the way as he learns what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be such haters and give the guy a chance.

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