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  • holy guacamole, i didn’t know it was in CA!!! thanks for the heads up!! I’ll buy some in the morning!! 😀

  • Ahh not in Valencia!

  • Omg so awesome!! Love Teese! Thanks for the heads-up. 🙂

  • Yay, now everyone can taste that it has zero flavor and keep buying Daiya! 😉

    Where’s that Cheezely, already? I wanna try that one.

  • So clever! Way to come in and hate on a vegan company!

  • What, I gotta be in lockstep on every vegan product? Look brothah, I’ve spent enough money on ALL kinds of vegan products over the past 15 years…I think I’ve earned the right to an opinion. On top of that, I’ve eaten Teese enough times to have a solid opinion of it. Hell, I’ll KEEP eating it, even though I’m not a fan – because Masa’s pizzas are so fucking good….however, what makes them good is NOT the Teese.

    My short review of Teese: Melts well, nice texture…but no real flavor. Maybe I have weird taste buds, I dunno…but it just doesn’t taste like anything.

    Vegan products are competing in a niche market, and the best one will sell the most. I hope Teese keeps tweaking their recipe to improve in the future…it will benefit us and them.

    Anyway, if you dig it…knock yourself out…enjoy. This is just one of those few things I disagree w/ QG on….Teese and bell peppers. 😉

  • While I am excited for all of the Teese lovers out there, I personally, agree with Greg C. I don’t really care for Teese, but will continue to eat pizzas at Masa because somehow they do have a way of making it awesome. I also encourage everyone out there to give Teese a try because you may love it. 🙂

  • Will they not be expanding?? Only those states?? Booooo……I love Teese! But….not on my pizza 🙂

  • Wow! I am the exact opposite of you. I don’t think Dayia (mozzerella) has much flavor, and the texture is gross on pizza. On the other hand, if you can get your hands on a block of Daiya cheddar & a thin cheese slicer, make yourself a sandwich…delish! Better yet, go to Figueroa Produce & have them make one for you.

    Teese on the other hand, tastes cheesy. I died when I found it at FP, it melts – it tastes great on pizza & it’s not slimy! Unfortunately FP is pretty far from me (I live in Redondo Beach), so if they have it at any Whole Foods in the South Bay… I’m there… weekly!

  • I hope they get the mozzerella sticks at WF too! Has anyone tried them?

  • I hope they get the mozzarella sticks at WF too! Has anyone tried them?

  • I went on a hunt for Teese at WF in Sherman Oaks – it was listed on the website as a location to find it – but it wasn’t there! I didn’t have time to ask when they’ll be getting it, but hopefully soon! I’m also hoping that the organic/veg/gluten free restaurant across the street (Hugo’s) will start using it as well. Here’s to hoping!!!

  • Hugos & Hugo’s Tacos use Daiya…and I hope it stays that way. It’s excellent on their nachos, burritos, and tacos!

  • Oh I know they do! I remember when they changed from “Follow Your Heart” I had never had Daiya and thought it was real cheese! I’d like to see them have a variety of “cheese” flavors, though, including the cheddar for the Tex-Mex dishes.

    I don’t eat at Hugo’s Tacos – the last time I did, I got very sick. Could be cross contamination w/meat products on the grill, who knows. Too bad though – the veg taco I had was delicious!

  • If you’re in Arizona, I found the cheddar-style Teese at a location not listed on that link… Tempe location at NW corner of Rural and Baseline!

  • Have not tried Teese yet

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