• food for lovers vegan queso now available at whole foods!

    August 9th, 2011quarrygirlproducts, vegan cheese

    this is so exciting! one of my favorite products of all time, food for lovers vegan queso, is now available at whole foods.

    i am used to driving across town for this stuff or ordering it in bulk online, so imagine how happy i was to see it at my the weho whole foods for just $4.99 per jar.

    if you haven’t tried this vegan queso yet—-trust me, go get some! it’s rich and creamy and cheesy and delicious, yet somehow fat free and low in calories. i have been known to go through an entire jar in one day…don’t judge.

    you can eat it on chips, straight out of the jar with a spoon, in burritos, or (my favorite) on top of a baked potato.

    go stock up, friends! you won’t be sorry. this has got to be one of the best vegan products ever.

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  • Like… ALL Whole Foods? (Please say yes please say yes please say yes)

  • most whole foods! here are the locations: http://food-for-lovers.com/locations

  • Did you happen to notice how expensive Daiya has gotten at WF lately?? I went yesterday and paid almost $7 for a bag…

  • I pay $4-5 a bag up here in the Northwest.

  • Sadly daiya is no longer an option for me due to the price hike! I’m excited to try this queso though!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Cool, been wanting to try this out.

  • Omg Yay!!!! It’s at my local WH right down the block. Thank goodness I don’t have to drive 14 miles with 2 kids to get my queso on!!!

  • How spicy is it? I only ask because I’m a big old wimp. Btw, I’ve been getting my daiya at Ralphs for $5.99. Still too pricey to do very often, but they do have it on sale every few weeks. Something to keep an eye out for…

  • It’s not overly spicy, but it definitely has a “kick” IMO. i’d suggest buying a jar and tasting a bit of it. If it’s too spicy for you, you can add water to it over the stove. I do that sometimes to make it last longer! Goes great as a topping on anything.

    PS. My boyfriend hates spicy food usually, but he can handle this queso.

  • they’ve been on the shelf so long at Santa Monica Whole Foods I bought an expired one yesterday!

  • We still needbto have our queso off, as we are partial to Nacho Mom’s Queso and we are curious to try Nacheez, made in Cali.

  • Nacho Mom’s tastes like warm puke. Nacheez is amazing but full of fat. Food For Lovers is the best, and guilt-free.

  • “Food for Lovers” makes me think this queso is intended for something else.

  • True story: I bought a jar of this Queso (at Wegmans) probably at least two months ago thinking it looked really good. I forgot about it in the pantry. Then, I read this post, brought it out, cracked it open and ate HALF of the jar with organic tortilla chips. OMG this stuff RULES. And I LOVE hot & spicy, and boy is it SPICY. Whoah. GREAT fucking product. Gonna go get a bunch more of it. Thanks, QG! <3 VF

  • Low in cals you say? I checked, it’s at my whole foods *YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY*

  • for you santa barbara QG fans, we also stock this at the isla vista food co-op! we fell in love with the couple who created it at expo west! yum.

  • This queso for lovers is tasty, but really tastes nothing like the cheese you would put on nachos. It is not spicy in the least, but I guess that’s relative anyway. Nacho’s mom’s is just okay, not bad. I have to say though that Nacheez is the real winner for me. No flours in it, full of good fat, and it tastes darn near the closest to nacho cheese.

  • I wish this would make its way over to the UK! Sounds awesome!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I’ve never tried any of this stuff. Where does one purchase this Nacheez business?
    I need to buy a bottle of all of these and sample each one, hehe:p

  • Just bought a jar at Whole Foods today….this stuff is very tasty! Pretty amazing considering what’s NOT in it (the usual ingredients for vegan cheeses).


  • I tried it (made an epic mountain of Nacho Supreme and pretended I was at a shitty bowling alley), it was pretty good! I’ll definitely get it again.

    At first, it seemed way to thin right out of the jar, but it thickened up just fine with some heat.

    And it actually had some kick to it, so spicy lightweights be warned.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ I’m a spicy lightweight for sure, maybe it’s not for me then [I really can’t handle overly spicy fare. At all :(]

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