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    March 10th, 2011quarrygirlother, products

    dear friends and readers, i have recently become completely enamored with the vegan queso by food for lovers. i’m not kidding when i say that this is something you all need to try immediately, and share with your omnivore friends.

    being a vegan blogger, i get sent free products from time to time, yet none has ever captured my fancy like this one. when food for lovers offered to mail me a complimentary jar of their vegan queso, i accepted with moderate expectations. perhaps i mentally lumped their product in with the other vegan quesos i’ve tried in the past—all decent, but nothing game-changing in the world of vegan cheeses. perhaps it’s because their product is fat-free and very low in calories, i was expecting it to taste “healthy,” and therefore not insanely delicious. boy, was i wrong.

    one bite of this vegan queso and i was hooked…

    my favorite product at the moment

    it took just a few easy minutes to heat it up in a pan, and the result was the most rich and creamy cheese sauce i’ve ever tasted. it packed a spicy kick that wasn’t overpowering, and was littered with the perfect amount of chunky vegetables. most importantly, this stuff tasted way fattening, as vegan cheese should. i don’t know how the folks over at food for lovers make nutritional yeast and vegetables into something so damn decadent. magic!

    i looked around online for serving suggestions, and found that you can eat this queso on anything—serve it straight up with chips, throw it in a burrito, make nachos with it, you get the idea. i decided that a giant baked potato stacked with beans and salsa (pictured above) would be the perfect base for this glorious cheese sauce, and i was right. i’m already a huge baked potato fan, but this queso elevated one of my favorite foods to new heights.

    after finishing off the entire lot of queso between the two of us (no worries—it’s fat-free with just 240 calories per jar!), i immediately hopped online to see where i could get more of this stuff. unfortunately it’s nowhere to be found in los angeles at the moment, but my orange county peeps will be happy to learn that it’s available at all mothers market locations.

    thankfully, food for lovers queso is available through our favorite online retailers (vegan essentials, cosmo’s, pangea, and food fight), and i wasted no time ordering a stash that will get me through a couple weeks until my next trip to mother’s in the OC:

    i stocked up. you should too.

    seriously people, this stuff is so good! i’ve never been this excited about a sample product before. there’s a reason why food for lover’s queso is available at omnivorous mexican restaurants (one of which was featured in a tarantino movie!) in austin, texas…because it can fool those big texan meat-eaters! it really is that cheesy and wonderful.

    don’t take my word for it. order some of this vegan queso and find out for yourself. if you like it half as much as i did, you’ll be a fan for life.

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  • I have been wanting to try this stuff but haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I am now tempted to buy it online after reading this review. Why does shipping have to cost SO much :/

  • Wish Trader Joe’s would introduce a similar product, at a better price.

  • i saw this in vegnews and wondered how it tasted. cannot wait to try it!

    let’s ask figueroa produce to carry it. i’m emailing them a link to your review right now!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Never tried this but it looks great for making nachos.

  • Quarrygirl, how does it compare to Nacho Mom’s vegan queso?

  • i prefer food for lovers!

  • Thanks! Can’t wait to give it a try!

  • Crystal and Chris have been working on getting this queso out for sale for a few years, it’s awesome to see it finally out on virtual shelves. (And even awesome-r to see that people heart it.)

    Support rad people and rad products, it’s not like this is big corporate bullshit. The more you buy something from a small company, the cheaper it will eventually get. (Or something like that.)

  • I wasn’t sure if I could take your word on this one, but once I saw that you love Secret Aardvark as much as me I figured your taste buds were respectable.

  • i like secret aardvark sauce even more than sriracha…and that’s saying a lot. it’s actually a problem because i can go through like half a bottle in one meal. and that shit’s expensive!

  • I just bought some at Mothers Market, can’t wait to try it! It was the Santa Ana location. I had to ask for it because it was impossible to find, and it turned out to be in the deli section (go figure) and it was $5.29. Hope it’s better than the We Can’t Call it Cheese sauce because it’s better priced.

  • Well, there goes the diet. That look amazing and I would like some in my mouth. Now. Please.

  • it’s healthy, though!!!!

  • Okay, I want that baked potato RIGHT NOW. I need some of this!

  • I went to Mother’s Market today and saw it, contemplated picking it up but didn’t! If only I had read this review first… 🙁

  • I ordered three jars from Vegan Essentials based on other reviews i’d read. SO good! A little watery (and a bit messy) though.

    Quarrygirl – can you post the bean recipe you used for the bakes potato? Looks yummy!

  • I tried it at the Natural Food Expo & YUP it’s amazing!!! 🙂

  • This stuff is pretty good. I am new to the vegan world and cheese is the one thing I miss the most. It is a little runny, but still good.

  • looks like it’s sold out everywhere except VeganEssentials! I ordered a couple from there, hope it lives up to the hype.

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