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    August 2nd, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), portland, vegan bakers

    portland is a vegan paradise, and i think i need to move there someday. the city has not one, not two, but THREE vegan bakeries. back to eden is one of them, and when we visited the storefront on our recent trip, i instantly fell in love.

    back to eden is awesome because in addition to baked goods, they have build-your-own ice cream sundaes with temptation soft serve from chicago soydairy. we had a hell of a time deciding what to order, because everything looked so good. from the chocolate gluten-free cupcakes…

    to the massive creamy pie…

    we ended up going with a maple walnut scone. vegan scones are pretty tough to come by, and this is easily the best one i’ve eaten in my life.

    we also split a sundae with chocolate temptation soft serve, dandies marshmallows, white chocolate chips, and chocolate fudge. absolute heaven.

    vegan sundae: chocolate temptation soft serve, dandies marshmallows, white chocolate chips, chocolate fudge. i die.

    seriously, every vegan needs to visit portland…and when you do, don’t miss back to eden!

    back to eden bakery
    2217 NE Alberta St.
    Portland, OR 97211
    click here for a map
    (503) 477-5022
    9am – 8pm

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  • holy god, drooooool

  • this bakery rules. they made a special cake for my birthday and it was so fantastic.

  • Portland had its highs and lows for me; New York will always have my heart. But Back to Eden was incredible! I keep waiting for them to do a mail order business…

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Yes please, I’ll have one of everything, it all looks delicious.
    I hope Los Angeles will one day have vegan bakeries everywhere [I haz a dream…hehe:p]

  • Actually, we have at least _four_ all-vegan storefront bakeries. More if you count ones that do farmers markets and/or catering.

    Here’s the list and what they’re famous for:

    Back to Eden (soft serve)
    Dovetail (cinnamon buns)
    Sweetpea (all you can eat Sunday brunch)
    Black Sheep (smart muffins)

    I believe they all have scones available.

    Petunia’s at the downtown Saturday farmers market is all vegan and gluten free, and it is certified bomb-diggety.

  • I have tried the vegan treats from many of the Portlandia places. And thus far, I am loving what Back to Eden carries. I recently moved and now I am no longer close to this place of tasty joy. I now live in an area of PDX that has no clue about eating vegan or even healthy (organic, free range, etc.) Hoping BtE will find a way to spread their vegan majik into other areas of PDX. =)

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ Are you trying to make us Los Angeles vegans jealous? Because it’s working haha:p
    Four all vegan storefront bakeries–that’s terrific.

  • How could you pass on that pie?!?!? It looks incredible!

  • Black Sheep’s storefront is not all vegan. They serve meat and dairy. It’s totally lame since they started as all vegan wholesale.

  • Would you be willing to consider reducing the number of entires on your main page? I love your site, but it takes forever to load on my end.

  • Jack Bee Garland

    I <3 Back to Eden! When i visited I had this amazing chocolate cream pie and the girl working there was soooo sweet and friendly. Bonus: it's a walk up the street to Vita Cafe 🙂

  • Please disregard! I’m told it has nothing to do with the number of photos. Keep on keepin on!

  • I have been to the famous Baby Cakes in the Lower East Side of New York City and I can tell you BtE surpasses them in every way. It is a vegans sweet paradise!

  • Good call! Sweet Pea’s Sunday brunch is amazing.

  • Hello,

    These folks in Sellwood (Portland) have a large menu of vegan cakes, and they are amazing.
    Not affiliated, and I rarely pimp a non vegan joint much, but check them out if you can. Funky atmosphere too. Cheers.

  • Hooray, once again, for our beloved Portland. And if you do move to town look me up. We own a VEGAN real estate company. 🙂
    Happy & Healthy,

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