• killer vegan sandwich at dinosaurs in san francisco.


    i love sandwiches. i’ve probably eaten thousands of them in my life…and this may very well be the best.

    dinosaurs in san francisco is a somewhat new hole in the wall joint in the castro. the menu is small, and they’ve only got one vegan sandwich…but that one sanwich is guaranteed to blow your mind. let me introduce you to their ridiculously good tofu vietnamese offering…

    the crispy tofu: fried tofu, rice noodles and taro with vegenaise. $4.75

    holy crap. it comes with the crunchiest of bread bread with the freshest of vegetables, spicy jalapenos, and a generous slathering of vegenaise. what makes this sandwich unique though, are the fried tofu shreds. paper-thin tofu slices, almost like noodles, filling the sandwich with crispy perfection.

    trust me, this sandwich won’t let you down. try it!

    16th Street at Prosper
    San Francisco, CA 94114
    (415) 503-1421
    Mon-Sun 10 am – 10 pm

    PS: we checked! they don’t fry the tofu with the meat, it’s all separate. enjoy.

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