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    June 28th, 2011quarrygirlcut, LA restaurants

    i simply couldn’t believe it a couple weeks ago when i received an email from a reader named ashlee raving about the vegan options at cut steakhouse in beverly hills! apparently she’d been dragged there for a family function, and found that the restaurant offered a 3 course meal just for vegans. as she pointed out in her message, “Although I am positive that no vegan would ever willingly dine at CUT, I thought I’d inform you of this in case you or any of your blog readers are stuck in a situation (like I was) where they have to attend a steakhouse.” luckily for us, ashlee found herself back at cut recently with some guests from out of town, and she sent me some snaps of her meal to post on the blog. enjoy! hopefully this will come in handy next time you have to go to a fancy dinner with omnivores in beverly hills.

    I had dinner at Cut and it was just as amazing as last time. I let the chef pick this time again because it was so good last time. The waiters at Cut are surprisingly knowledgeable about veganism…I mentioned I was a vegan and the waiter said “are you a full vegan or just a vegetarian? If you are a full vegan, I will be sure that nothing will have dairy in it and will bring some bread to the table that isn’t made with eggs or butter”.

    First course: summer bean salad with veggies and pine nuts and a tahini dressing…

    Second course: mushroom and shishito peppers in this asian sauce, caramelized summer corn, green bean mixture with sun dried tomatoes, and various greens/peas with caramelized onions…

    Third course/dessert: panna cotta-like dessert made from coconut milk, served with a berry ice-cream and fresh fruit…

    Normally I need something more substantial than vegetables to satisfy me, but this was more than satisfying and the flavors were so good!

    Beverly Wilshire
    9500 Wilshire Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    (310) 275-5200
    Mon-Thu 6 pm – 10 pm
    Fri 6 pm – 11 pm
    Sat 5:30 pm – 11 pm

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  • Clinton Carranza

    Wow! I wish regular vegan restaurants had 3 course meals with desserts that looked this ballin’ I gotta check this place out next time I’m in Beverly Hills.

  • It’s a good thing they have this but the second course just looks like 4 veggie side dishes. Better than nothing I guess and the dessert looks delicious.

  • Practically perfect! Beans, greens and grains (err, I mean dessert) 😉

  • Check out the menu for this restaurant:

    It’s here: http://www.wolfgangpuck.com/content/files/foodmenu_CUT%20MENU%20WEB%20Spring.pdf

    There is bone marrow flan, warm veal tongue, maple glazed pork belly, and the usual steaks and such.

    Veal is the most disgusting treatment any animal endures. Eventhough they cater to vegans I wouldn’t ever step in this place.

    Ya can’t get more cruelty against animals than this place.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That vegan dessert looks good at any rate.

  • Great post! Its funny because just yesterday (meatless monday) I read an article that more and more restaurants are understanding the benefits of providing vegetarian/vegan meal options to their patrons. This article validates that!!! Big smile on my face…

    Nirav S.
    Bring out your inner herbivore

  • i am kind of on the fence about that… i go back and forth sometimes. while i TOTALLY see your point, i do, i also feel like, if they go to all this trouble to create vegan meals and no one buys them, then the restaurants will stop carrying them. they can’t afford to buy special stuff if it doesn’t sell just on the off-chance a rare vegan comes in. i sometimes will frequent places like this and buy the vegan stuff, because i think that it sends the message to companies that vegans are here to stay and we care about supporting businesses that are making an effort.

    other times, though, i get sick to my stomach and want to scream at everyone going into a restaurant like that.

  • It’s nice to hear that some steakhouses can rise to the occasion to really accomodate vegans. I blogged about my most recent visit to Arnie Morton’s, where they rose to the occasion, but certainly didn’t do quite what CUT did: http://veganheartdoc.blogspot.com/2011/05/steak-house-dinner.html

  • Whoa. I’ve never seen anything like that in a steakhouse. Although I haven’t been in one for a few years now. Friends and family are more accommodating than steakhouses now! No more iceberg lettuce for me. But I can’t decide if this would be enough to entice me into a place that serves fois gras or veal, though… but I suppose there’s no difference between a glass of milk and a steak, so… Nice presentation, nice to be catered to, at least. Better than Swingers by the look of it!!

  • Reward good behavior where you find it, that’s what I say.

    And don’t tell me you’ve never gotten dragged to a steakhouse before. Usually a vegetarian can’t have ANYTHING, because a steakhouse’s idea of impressive cuisine is putting bacon and butter in everything.

    Be glad that this exists for those moments, it’s impressive as hell.

  • I will say that their bar, Sidecar, makes some of the best cocktails in LA.

    And hey, it’s at the Pretty Woman hotel. What more do you want?

  • Wow! Impressed! Though, since it is a fancy steakhouse in Beverly Hills it makes sense they have a real chef that will cater. Although, the waiters knowledge alone is impressive.

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