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    June 14th, 2011grassroots, LA restaurants

    i have driven by grassroots in south pasadena many times barely noticing it and passing it on by. well, i’m here to confess how foolish that was! grassroots is a small market and wonderful kitchen filled with healthy, organic, and vegan options in their store as well as a prepared food section. i was so hungry i walked straight up to the line for prepared food which was about 6-7 people deep. while i waited in the line that moved quicker than i anticipated (about 5 min) i glanced around and saw vegan mock meats, vegan desserts, and kombucha galore! waiting in line also gave me the much needed time to decide what to order. they had wraps, tacos, salads, burritos and, (as QG will be happy to hear) BOWLS!

    vegan beef bowl

    for my meal i went with the vegan beef bowl ($9.99) and it was A-MAZING!
    the food line at grassroots looks like that of a subway sandwich shop. you place your order and watch them put all the ingredients together in front of you while you confirm that they include only ingredients you like.

    for my vegan beef bowl they gave me the option of brown or spanish rice (i took brown) and black or pinto beans (i went with pinto). then they LOAD on top of it vegan beef, onions, jalapeno, cilantro, olives, soy cheese, cucumbers, olives, avocado, and vegan sour cream (i got mine without soy cheese and cucumbers). this woman had filled my bowl up so high i was worried about telling her i would like to take my food to go. but you know what? they have these lids that are rounded on top in preparation for your overfilled bowl!

    vegan bowl and a healthy soda

    the food was sooo flavorful and soooo delicious i ate the whole freaking thing. now i realize most of you don’t know me and how i can drag along a dinner meal into a four hour event, but it’s true. i ate this bowl in about 15 minutes. and the best part: i felt amazing afterwards. i was filled with energy and looking forward to my adventure of trying everything vegan on their menu.

    if you happen to be in a rush and can’t wait through the (more than worth it) line they also have a small packaged food section ready to be taken to the check out.

    lots of vegan items to go

    i will say that looking at the menu i thought it was a bit pricey but after my wonderful meal i wouldn’t think twice about returning to fill up with their tasty and healthy goodness.

    grassroots natural market
    1119 Fair Oaks Avenue
    South Pasadena, CA 91030-3311
    (626) 799-0156
    Mon-Fri 10 am – 4 pm
    Sat 9 am – 4 pm

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  • LOVE to see the healthy coverage on this blog. I love you QG, but the world doesn’t all need to be deep fried. Great post.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ She covers healthy stuff all the time too!
    This looks good, never been to this place though I’m close by.

  • I live in Pasadena, and have driven by here never thinking to pop in and look for vegan food. Thanks for the review Trishells! I will go here this week.

  • I go there 4-5 days a week after yoga…the raw burrito is AWESOME!

  • I love Grassroots and get the raw burrito once in awhile- it’s enough for two meals, honestly. I love that you can watch them make it and tell them how much of each ingredient to put in it. I’m not vegan but I like everything there- they also have a good selection of protein, both vegan and non-vegan. The owner (don’t know his name) is always super friendly. My only gripe is sometimes I’ll get someone who isn’t much of a burrito-roller so when I take a bite, everything falls out. Otherwise it’s awesome.

    By the way, I love your blog. I love how hardcore you police restaurants that say they’re vegan but are serving dairy in their food. Again, I am not vegan but I care very much about packaging and nutritional info being 100% accurate and whether it’s for vegan reasons or you’re on a diet or allergies, it’s important to get accurate info on food. So thank you. You guys and girls rock.

  • Is there a new vegan place in South Pasadena? I think it’s called Charm Vegan? I drove by it, but unfortunately there was a lot of construction on Fair oaks, so getting back was going to be hard. If I drive by again I’ll let you know.

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