• vegan father’s day in los angeles 2011: free beer, sandwiches, brunch + more!

    June 13th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    big daddy dagwood at native foods

    this sunday is father’s day! are you prepared? if not, you better get on it. thankfully, LA has lots of great options for a vegan celebration. i’ll list the ones i know about here…and if i’m missing any, tell me in the comments and i’ll add them to the post. it’s that simple!

    here we go:

    native foods is offering a brand new menu item just for father’s day. the amazing all vegan restaurant seems to use every holiday as an excuse to come up with a new awesome menu item, and i am TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT. sunday they’re debuting the “big daddy dagwood,” a sandwich stacked with thinly-sliced homemade seitan, caramelized onions, vegan cheddar, avocado, tomato, mustard, pickles, vegan mayo, and creamy horseradish sauce on marble rye. oh!!!…and it comes with a side of garlic fries. (excuse me while i go regain my composure.) this special is going on all day…so no matter what your plans are on sunday, a trip to native foods is in order.

    it’s a stereotype, but it’s totally true, right? DADS LIKE BEER. well if your dad likes to imbibe, take him to the vegan-friendly pizza fusion in hollywood, where they’ll be offering FREE BEER for dad all day! (and they’ve got a great selection. lotsa craft and the vegan beers are even differentiated on the menu.) while you’re there, indulge in a vegan pizza with your choice of cruelty-free cheese, or amazing gardein chicken wrap.

    last but certainly not least, the recently-closed madeleine bistro has decided to rise from the dead to celebrate father’s day! i have no idea what the menu will be, but i’m sure it will be the BEST VEGAN MEAL IN TOWN. if you really wanna show dad a great day, trust me and book a table. we freaked out when we thought we had our last meal at madeleine bistro, so every moment they are open now feels like a gift. follow them on facebook for more info. here’s the official word:

    that’s all i’ve got for now. my perfect father’s day would be: madeleine bistro for a decadent brunch, native foods for a massive sandwich lunch, then a pizza pie to share with the family and free beers for dad at pizza fusion hollywood.

    what’s it gonna be then, eh?! comment with the restaurants i’m missing, and with your vegan father’s day plans.

    UPDATE: southern fried vegan is cooking up a feast for father’s day at the gentle barn in santa clarita. check out the info here.

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