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    the nice thing about staying with locals when traveling is that you get introduced to nice little neighborhood spots. on my last trip to ny i stayed with my friend in brooklyn and she suggested salud (in flatbush) for lunch one day. although salud serves some meat they are very knowledgeable about veganism and the menu clearly states veg and vegan options.

    fiesta wrap at salud

    for my meal i ordered the fiesta wrap: a wheat tortilla filled with seasoned tofu, grilled onions, grilled bell peppers, sprouts, and lettuce. this thing was so damn good and so incredibly fresh. it was served warm and whatever spices they used where so delicious.

    on this particular trip we didn’t do any fancy dining and maybe it’s for that reason i can say salud was the best meal i had in ny. i almost didn’t believe it myself. after my meal i got a cold lemonade for our walk and was just as impressed with it. not too sweet and freshly made. i guess there’s a lot to be said for less processed high quality ingredients. not to mention the two mexican ladies there that day were so sweet i felt like i was sitting in my aunt’s kitchen.

    1308 Ave H
    Brooklyn, NY 11230
    (347) 295-1191

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