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    hey everyone! time for a quick bite from patricia’s recent trip to the east coast. since she’s such a regular blogger around here, i’ve set her up with her own user name. check it out above, the author of this entry is “trishells”! hope you enjoy all her posts in the future, and this one about atlas cafe in nyc!

    when i walked into atlas cafe i thought my brain was going to explode. look at that menu:

    LOOK AT IT! and that was only one wall. on the opposite wall was another chalk board filled with just as many different items. i didn’t even allow myself to look at the whole menu i just found the thing that seemed least typical for me to get in la and stuck with it: vegan pepper steak panini. it was pretty good but not amazing.

    the faux meat was kinda chewy and i wished it would have been more peppery. the sandwich came with daiya, tomatoes, and pickled onions which added flavor and since the bread was really good the sandwich gets a pass.

    i also shared some lentil soup which was really tasty. no added veggies or anything fancy. just a good tasting solid lentil soup.

    i would definitely go to atlas cafe again because um…look at that menu. i’m just certain that they’ve got some dishes that can amaze. they don’t just do sandwiches but also full entrees, breakfast, and pastries.

    atlas cafe
    73 2nd Avenue # 2
    New York, NY 10003-8643
    (212) 539-0966

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  • Apparently, they also have several flavors of vegan crepes! I am all about that.

  • I think maybe if they narrowed down their menu the dishes could be better. It always worries me when a menu is SO enormous.

  • Confused. Are you saying that the sandwiches are not very good? Or are you just inferring that with a huge amount of offerings, and one persons take on one sandwich, that they lack quality?

    I find that it’s a solid fall back location. Nothing so spectacular that I would go all the time, but they are on the East Village border (for if you are in the EV or Lower East Side for a show or drinking) and open 8AM-1AM. Plus, they probably carry the largest assortment of Vegan Treats in NYC, if you have a late night craving for cake and don’t mind that they use the veggie Crisco.

  • I did the signagae at Atlas with my pal Teeter! They locked us in overnight and we ate ourselves sick– it was the best! I named a sandwich after myself, so, bias notwithstanding, I highly recommend The Andrea.

    Hopefully people realize the items in green are veggie and the items in red are meaty…

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Would like to try their vegan ravioli.

  • I found the menu SO overwhelming when I was there, it’s great to have options but I’m pretty bad at making decisions! I love that they have Vegan Treats stuff there too, I tried a donut & it was soooo delicious.

  • I went to Atlas for the first time on Friday, and had the Vegan Ginger Chicken Cubano. The woman who took my order told me it’s the best thing on the menu, and WOAH was it good. Super super yummy, and ready really quickly.

    My friend’s sandwich (can’t remember what she had) wasn’t as good, so I guess it’s hit or miss, but I’ll be going back there for sure. So many options! It’s a cute little friendly place.

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