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    May 11th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    happycow.net is our favorite website EVER. they’re the ultimate guide to finding vegan-friendly restaurants anywhere in the world, and they’ve got a brand spankin’ new iPhone app coming out very soon that rules. we are head over heels for the new app, and we have some copies to give away! our first contest is open to twitter folks only, and i assume that’s how you got to this post.

    we’ve got 2 new happycow apps to give away to you tweeps, and here’s how you win:

    you must follow @HappyCowApp and @HappyCowGuide on twitter.

    you must follow @quarrygirl on twitter. (duh, you should already do that. if not, wtf are you doing here?)

    you must tweet the exact phrase:

    I want to win the new vegan restaurant iPhone app @HappyCowApp from @quarrygirl! http://tinyurl.com/6fus9fv

    winners will be chosen tomorrow morning. if you don’t win, don’t worry, we are giving away more soon….and you’ll be able to download the app soon.

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  • done, done and done. Man, I’d love to have a copy of this. I am not sure if anyone uses this app more than me.!

    Marty’s Flying Vegan Review

    gonna be in St Paul tomorrow for a few hours. Where should I eat?

  • i hope they make one for android. i love happy cow

  • this app will seriously change your veg life!!!

    ps – there is an android app (completely different than the iphone) if you search happycow (one word) in the android market.

  • I’m really looking forward to this app. Hope it’s worth whatever it costs bc I’d rather buy it than tweet anything w “please RT” in it.

  • as someone with an advanced copy of the app, i must say it is AWESOME!

  • Looks like they make one already, just looked and it’s in the market. They have a free version and one called “Full” for $1.89. Not sure what the difference is.

    I guess they make them for several platforms: http://www.happycow.net/mobile.html

  • I’m going to desperately need this app when I’m in Delhi, because eating vegan in unfamiliar territory where dairy abounds is about as much fun as eating bag salad minus the dressing.

  • Sooo cool. What a great app. I’ve been wishing Happy Cow would do this. And they have, horray!

  • I don’t have a device this app will work on but I wanted to point out that not everyone uses Twitter. I follow your blog via an RSS feed. I have it set up in Google Reader.

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