• the brand new happycow iphone app is live!

    May 11th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    great news, everybody! the much anticipated new and official happycow iphone app has hit the itunes store even sooner than expected. you can get it NOW, and i swear, it’ll change your vegan-restaurant-finding life.

    happycow iphone app now available!

    i was fortunate enough to test drive the new happycow iphone app for a couple weeks before the launch, and i must say i’m obsessed…

    you can fire up the app from wherever you are, and easily search for vegan-friendly restaurants by keyword. of course, the first thing i search for is “vegan”…and all the vegan-friendly places show up right away. they’re even color-coded according to veganocity—it’s awesome!

    searching for vegan from my house!

    but say i’m in the mood for more specific vegan food. like….pizza (of course)! bam:

    searching for vegan pizza? happycow app can help.

    fast food? hell yeah.

    for when you want vegan food in a hurry

    in addition to a handy map search, you can also search by pre-chosen category (vegan/vegetarian/veg-friendly)…

    and then narrow that down to even more specific criteria (american/bakery/chinese/ethiopain/etc)…

    on top of all that crazy good search stuff, you can manage your favorites with the simple heart feature. just tag a restaurant by hitting the heart-shaped button, and the info is automatically saved to your list.

    not just that, but the whole app is tied into happycow’s amazing database, so you have access to tons of user generated reviews…

    and even photos…

    the new happycow iphone app is basically your one stop shop for finding vegan food in both familiar and unfamiliar areas. i’ve test driven it around LA and beyond, and i’m wild about the results.

    we are giving away 3 free happycowguide apps (in addition to the earlier twitter contest). all you gotta do is leave a comment on this post saying why you want a free app by noon on thursday may 14th PST. winners will be chosen then at random.

    good luck, and download this app even if you don’t win.

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  • Me want free app!!!

  • I would love to have the happy Cow app because I’m hardly ever cook, so I usually go out to eat an it would great to find new vegan places. Also it’s a pretty awesome cool app. It’s a must have for all vegans 🙂

  • I was using the Happy Cow app before and it stopped working, I’m lost with out it and NEED the new one! 🙂

  • My boyfriend and I have been exploring various vegan L.A. eateries and are so sad that two of our favorites, Pure Luck and Madeleine Bistro are closing/closed. We need help finding new favorites! Happy Cow, please help us!

  • Only been in LA for 6 months, and so much vegan exploring to do! This is like a vegan road map! yay! I would love the app to be my navigator. 🙂

  • I want the Happy Cow app so that I can go on more vegan food adventures and be a happy cow 😉

  • Need Happy Cow app so I can be a Happy Cow!

  • I would love to have this app. I regularly contribute restaurants, reviews, and photos on happycow. It’s invaluable both for use in the small city where I live and when I’m out travelling around.

  • i want the app because I’m about to leave for three weeks in europe and need to know where to eat!

  • Free application please!

  • “More iPhone apps by Smooth Landon software:

    Terror at Bikini Beach
    Mother’s Day Card
    Love Card
    Donkey Punch Lite”

    Uhhhh, what?

  • My iPhone told me it needs a Happy Cow on it!

  • Happy cow happy vegan food

  • I would love this app because I travel a lot and it would make finding a place to eat while on the road so much easier.

  • I’d love a free copy!

  • I want this app because I drive my poor Mom crazy printing out directions and maps to all these vegan places, I am in desperate NEED of the happy cow app!

  • I just moved to Seattle from LA and totally need this to help me find good veg places fast! I love HappyCow!

  • When’s the Android version coming???

  • ooooooooooooooooh I would love to get a free copy!!! I got two two kids and money’s tight… with that said, my $’s gotta count when I lay it down for food!

    Either way, what a fun app… incredible how much has changed in the last decade or so. I really love your reviews and the database is incredible!

  • “I just moved to Seattle from LA”

    You have my condolences. All I want to do is move BACK to Seattle after serving 10 years here.

  • I would love to get this app! Thx!

  • Wandering Travis

    I’m an archaeologist, and I have to travel a lot, often to places with few veg options. The Happy Cow app will definitely help me when I’m in a new city. Thanks!!!

  • I want this app because I’ll be traveling in Eastern Germany this summer, and things can be a wee bit meat centric there! I’m sure this app would be a huge help to me in my travels.

  • i want!!!! way better than typing “vegan” into google maps.

  • I loved VegOut, and this app is like that but with so much more.

  • I would love this app!! Happy Cow Happy Cow…

  • I’m seconding the Android request.

  • Ahhh, I would love this. I’m newly vegan (1 month and counting). I’ve been vegetarian for years, but I’m finding a lot of my favorite veggie restaurants don’t have any decent vegan options, so this app would be a lifesaver!

  • I’m considering switching to an iPhone just to get this app! Curse you Blackberry!

  • If I don’t get this application, I’m going to have to resort to eating hamburgers again. You wouldn’t what that, would you?

  • WOULD LOVE THIS APP FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! i think this app will make all my dreams come true! 🙂

  • I would love this APP!!! I have been vegan for more than 20 years and have seen the amazing transformation of Los Angeles. I would love to continue supporting the Vegan LA culture with this tool. In addition, I am getting an iphone for the first time today. Yay!

  • Great idea. I would love to have this app and go try out all of the veggie friendly restaurants in San Diego.

  • Is there any chance Quarrygirl can do a side by side of this and VegOut?

    I’ve been using Vegout for over 2 years now and it pulls all it’s information from HappyCow so I’m not sure if the official HappyCow app has enough new features for me to switch

  • I would love the happy cow app. It would be really helpful when traveling, especially in areas that are not very vegan friendly.

  • I already bought their original VegOut app also, but I’d love the HappyCow app as it’s an update with more features. They are both “official” and brought to us by the HappyCow folks. I’m a little disappointed after buying an app for $5, that I have to buy a new app to get the update. Not really kool of them.

  • I need this app because I love to travel. Specifically, I love to travel to eat vegan food! Also, Happy Cow rocks, and since I don’t currently have the app I usually print out a million maps with restaurants from Happy Cow marked all over them in pen when I travel. Help me upgrade!

  • the winners have been contacted! everyone else, go buy that app!

  • Does the app work in the UK, does anyone know?

  • This is fantastic!!! My puzzlingly large Canadian fan-base would like to know if it’s useful in Canada…any insight??

  • This app is just in time for two trips we are taking. Yay!

  • I’ve been an AVID meat lover and eater my whole life up until three weeks ago. I’ve been going strong as vegan-leaning vegetarian this past month and this app would really help me out. Thanks 🙂

  • the app works worldwide! (i have been told by the developer)

  • Leave it to QuarryGirl to find out about this and announce it even before HappyCow!!

    Like VegOut, this is also a partnership, branded as HappyCow, but also not officially owned by HappyCow. From what I know, VegOut and the new app will both continue be updated and access the same data. If you own VegOut and want to see something updated, contact the developer directly.

    An Android app is available, as is a Win7 and Palm Pre version. Full details here:

  • I just bought this for my iPhone. If the developers are reading this, please have the address and phone number come up when I select a restaurant, like the way they do in the VegOut iPhone app. The way your new app is now, if I tap on “directions” or “map” to see where the restaurant is located, it takes me out of your app and into the Google Maps app and sometimes all I wanted to do is quickly see where the restaurant is located. I think it’d be helpful to all if it showed you the address and phone number as well as giving you the ability to tap for directions or to connect via phone call. Thanks.

  • @VeganZagats – I’m with you… this should have been a free upgrade for anyone who had already bought the VegOut app. What gives?

  • we still have some promo codes available. anyone who bought the VegOut app and would like a free “update”, email us a screenshot of VegOut from your phone to HappyCowApp@gmail.com and we’ll try to accommodate (while supplies last). and if you already bought the HappyCow app and would like a promo for one of our other fun apps or games, let us know.

  • Thanks for the great feedback! We have an update planned that will hit your phones in a couple weeks – will try and squeeze your suggestion in along with some other useful tweaks.

  • Thanks, and thanks for the update offer. Appreciate your receptiveness to the feedback. Best of luck w the app.

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