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    April 28th, 2011quarrygirlproducts

    there’s a new seitan in town, and we are completely smitten. upton’s naturals is a healthy vegan wheat meat that comes to us all the way from chicago in four amazing flavors. i honestly can’t get enough of it…and it’s so healthy that i can eat as much as i want. score!

    i met up with the upton’s folks when they were in town a few weeks ago at vegan drinks, and they gave me some samples of their seitan to try. in addition to the stuff that’s already available in stores, they let me sample their food service products, which were absolutely unbelievable.

    vegan pastrami and gyro sandwich made with upton's!

    the first thing we did was make sandwiches using the food service pastrami-style and gyro deli meats…

    oh. my. word. so freakin’ delicious. the meats are sliced so thinly and perfectly spiced. they’re super hearty, yet somehow very low in fat. i’m talking the perfect food. most fake meats are so heavy and rich, but these are light with a huge amount of flavor. i am REALLY hoping that a deli in LA picks them up soon…because they were way better than any other fake meats in this town. they also supplied us with some vegan pepperoni and bacon slices which were so good, we ate them straight out of the package.

    but enough about all the awesome food service products that you can’t buy. what about the stuff that is available? in LA you can find all four flavors of upton’s boxed variety seitan.

    ground seitan, traditonal seitan, italian seitan and chorizo seitan all available in LA!

    i’m happy to report that every variety of upton’s is absolutely delicious. we used the traditional seitan in a potato stew, the italian seitan in a pasta dish, and the ground seitan in a breakfast scramble. our absolute favorite one though, was the spicy chorizo seitan which went down well in a mexican style bowl with rice, beans, and jalapenos.

    chorizo seitan!

    upton’s naturals is all oil free, so you can fatten it up to your liking in the cooking process. it really doesn’t need it though, this stuff is just dandy as is.

    now that i’ve eaten up all my upton’s samples, i need to go stock up on more asap. it’s available in LA at erewhon, locali, and full o life…and in the OC at the mother’s market locations. be warned, once you try this stuff, you’ll be hooked.

    wheat meat for life!

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Oh cool, never heard of this brand, will check it out.

  • omg, I love this stuff – we used to have it all the time when we lived in Chicago. I can’t buy any seitan here in the UK, grrrr:(

  • I saw this stuff at Full O’ Life in Burbank a couple of weeks ago and I had never seen it so I got the traditional seitan. I think it’s firmer and stronger tasting than the common Westsoy seitan if I remember correctly. I honestly almost never buy seitan since I use tofu for cooking much more often.

  • I was at fyh last night and they had it.

  • this stuff is really great. just tried it last week here in texas, and i’m hooked. chorizo is the best.

  • Yay, so stoked it’s at Mother’s for us in the OC. 😀

  • best seitan on the market!!!
    I’ve been ordering it from essentials for a long time.
    i use there ground beef for my world famous vegan pasta and the sausage for my deep dish vegan pizza.
    recipes available if anyone wants em!


  • I tried Upton’s in MKE this past summer, and it is definitely the best seitan I’ve ever had!! I wish they sold it in Vegas.

    If you like seitan, this is way better than most kinds (which I also do like)… and if you don’t like it, might be worth a try!

  • Ooh, the deep dish pizza recipe is calling my name!!!! But who doesn’t love pasta!!! Please email them to me, D!



  • Love Uptons and would really love the vegan deep dish recipe, D!

  • I have only just discovered seitan – although I’m sure I have eaten it in vegan restaurants. I wonder why only a few of Upton’s products are available retail?

  • Dude, is Chicago vegan mecca or what?

  • i would be interested in your world famous pasta recipe. gracias

  • Whole Foods had this on their vegan pizza when I was in Chicago, and it blew my mind. Upton’s rules!

  • Ohhhh the mustach pins make so much sense now! They were at surly goat!

  • I really hope it’s better than rubbery ole WestSoy.

  • Chicago has some good stuff (including a vegan High Tea service in a fancy hotel), but the answer to this question is “No”.

  • damn I cant believe i missed them!

  • The good news is that every restaurant or store in So Cal can buy Upton’s through Vegan Traders, Upton’s exclusive So Cal distributor. And we have plenty of samples too! It’s a fantastic product, so spread the word!

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