• tal ronnen’s influence already being felt in las vegas!

    April 19th, 2011quarrygirllas vegas, more restaurants (not LA)

    UPDATE 9/5/11: before dining at the wynn, please check your restaurant’s dress code. i’ve heard some horror stories of nice vegans being turned away for not being fancy enough. boo! just a heads up!

    this is great news! a couple of months ago it was announced that gardein’s mascot was teaming up with steve wynn to revamp the menus at the mogul’s las vegas casino. apparently, tal’s been busy because la cave at the wynn is already offering gardein! score! this is a huge step up from when we visited vegas in late 2010, and most of the wynn restaurants only offered salad or boring pasta dishes on their vegan menus.

    a QG reader named mark sent us a snap shot of his gardein la cave meal, which he described as “awesome”!

    gardein "chicken", celery root puree, lemon caper sauce. $14

    while 14 bucks may seem like an exorbitant amount of money to pay for a couple pieces of gardein scallopini, this is a fancy hotel in vegas where everything is overpriced up the wazoo. i’m so excited that the wynn is adding some vegan protein options to their menus, and i’m gonna have even more great places to eat next time i visit sin city. here’s to hoping tal transforms the wynn into one big veggie grill.

    mark also sent us a pic of the whole vegan menu at la cave. check it:

    cheers to the vegan takeover!

    PS: it also seems like the wynn is taking the vegan thing pretty seriously with completely separate menus, unlike yardhouse with their gardein push, which is great.

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  • I don’t get it, you criticize Tal for being a Gardein spokesperson/promoter, then rave about a restaurant that serves it?
    “i know every other blogger out there has tal ronnen fever, but i just don’t get it. i mean, is he a good chef? because in every tv appearance i’ve seen, he’s the ronald mcdonald of gardein.” But if he puts a fancy garnish on it, and it’s overpriced in a Vegas hotel, it’s awesome?

  • Wooo! If he were to transform it into ‘one big Veggie Grill,’ that would be GREAT, because then there would be TEMPEH, KALE, gluten-free mac & cheese, etc., too! And speaking of Veggie Grill, we really are enjoying having their delicious food DELIVERED to us via LABite.com.! I will be eternally grateful to the kind Veggie Grill employee who let me know about this delivery service, as I had no idea it was available, depending on how close one lives to the restaurant, and we DO happen to live within delivery distance of the West Hollywood Veggie Grill!

  • yeah, i wish gardein was available at all fancy omnivore restaurants.

    i don’t know about tal’s skills as an actual chef, but if he can bring vegan food to places that had NO OPTIONS earlier, i think that’s a good thing.

    plus, in that older post about the horrible segment on ellen, i did say that i love gardein.

  • Ok cool. I do love Gardein too- especially fried up in Earth Balance! I heard about a restaurant in Fullerton, CA called Matador serving it as an option in every dish- tacos, enchiladas, whatever you want- for no extra charge. I am going there asap.

  • ah yeah, the place with vegan tacos! i didn’t know they had gardein now. rad, i will check it out.

    i love gardein fried in earth balance too!!!!!! i make it all the time, and i ain’t no chef!

  • Oh my god, this is so weird. I am literally sitting at my computer eating breakfast in preparation for beginning the drive to vegas in like 20 minutes. I am so excited to know about this just in time. Thanks for posting qg!

  • The gardein steak salad at the Wynn Country Club changed my life. I can say with no exaggeration whatsoever that it is one of the best entrees of any kind I’ve ever eaten.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Cool news.

  • I just got back from Vegas and had an AMAZING porcini crusted Gardein at the Botero restaurant in the Wynn. Also had a great appetizer of white bean hummus with asparagus. Get there asap!

    Also, I had the “eggs” (tofu) benedict at Tableau (also in the Wynn) and it changed my life forever!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ That all sounds really good!!

  • And look, the tortellini isn’t even gardeini.

  • Kudos to The Wynn for creating awesome vegan options in Vegas. I’ve never stayed there – but I am going to make a point to on my next visit because of the huge steps they’re taking in the vegan department. Wynn – you rock!

  • Yes, you might see more of the vegan/vegetarian thing at Wynn’s restaurants. It’s my understanding that he recently decided to go vegan and that’s why his restaurants are following suit. I am looking forward to visiting Las Vegas now too.

  • I’m reading Ronin’s book right now, and it isn’t for a beginner cook. It is definitely a chef’s or experienced cook’s book. Ronin did a good thing bringing Vegan food into focus, but so have alot of other people, especially the blogging community. PPK existed long before Ronin gave Oprah the cleanse. And so did this blog, and vegweb, and other places that support a meat and dairy free lifestyle.
    Gardein products tend to have wheat, and my Partner has that allergy to it, so no seitan, or vital gluten for her.
    Hey, Quarry Girl, what can you find out about the Vegan Cook off during Las Vegas Uncork’d? I looked it up online but no returns. Help??

  • oops…misspelled his name…Ronnen…

  • But…have I missed it or do Steve Wynn’s hotels really not have any Indian restaurants?

  • I’ll always welcome more vegan tortellini. You hardly ever see it anywhere. 🙁


  • Hopefully Steve Wynn’s hotels will add some Indian restaurants before too long.

  • Vegan in Vegas

    Steve got married tonight. Rumors say everything at the reception will be vegan (not vegan-style like Chelsea Clinton’s wedding last summer).

    His new wife was vegan long before he went vegan last summer.

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