• quick bites: dinner with omnivores at sage vegan bistro

    April 15th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, sage vegan bistro

    hiya peeps! time for another edition of quick bites, a series of short reviews sent in by readers. this one covers sage vegan bistro in echo park and comes to us from my buddy patricia (who is also a bad ass massage therapist and yoga instructor). check it out:

    on a relaxing night in echo park i was enjoying some beers at my favorite bar, 1642 (on temple). imagine my delight when i returned from the bathroom and my 3 omnivore friends had come up with the plan to have dinner at sage vegan bistro. although i have heard some mixed reviews and experiences about the restaurant i was incredibly curious to try it for myself.

    the overwhelming response from the our group was “amazing!!!”

    at 830 on a weekday evening the place was busy, but not packed. our food arrived quickly and still hot from the kitchen. the only detail that could have been improved was that our appetizer came at the same time as the food. however, we did not particularly mind. everything was so tasty we ended up dining family style and sharing all the plates.

    trio of buffalo croquettes

    our appetizer for the table was a trio of buffalo croquette. it was a special for the day and i hope they offer it again. the falafel style croquette was served covered with buffalo sauce and just a touch of arugula and cream sauce on the plate. so. damn. tasty.

    green bean and portabella casserole: with wild mushroom gravy and truffled onion rings and kale chips. $9.95

    i ordered the green bean and portabella casserole. it was by far the best green bean dish i have EVER had. i am not huge on creamy sauces and was happy that this didn’t taste super creamy. it was a perfect medley of mushrooms, onions and green beans in a light brothy sauce with garnish of some kind of amazing flakey kale (lighter than kale chips i’ve had but same idea).

    almond ricotta ravioli in fennel lavender marinara with seared baby arugula. $9.95

    my second choice dish would have been the almond ricotta ravioli. thankfully, someone else at the table ordered it. these noodles were amazingly fresh with a light cheesy filling and some vegetables with marinara sauce. next time i visit i want to eat a whole plate of this pasta.

    at the table was also the savory black bean chili…

    savory black bean chili served over garlic sage polenta $4.95

    japanese cucumber salad…

    japanese cucumber salad $3.95

    and soup of the day (a tomato garbanzo medley).

    these three dishes were all amazing and also got passed around the table. they were a bit simpler in flavor but none less delicous. before we left every plate was completely clean and we were planning our next visit. i was so happy to have had (even if by chance) such an amazing meal and overall experience. for the quality of food and service i received every penny spent at sage was well worth it.

    sage vegan bistro
    1700 w. sunset blvd.
    los angeles CA 90026

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  • Sage is awesome. I live in the neighborhood too and have so far just been there for brunch. I can’t wait to try dinner!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I’ve got to swing by this place, these dishes look delicious.

  • I’ve tried the BBQ jackfruit sandwich, the Classic burger, and the soyrizo burrito. All have been SUPER yummy.

  • have to agree the food at Sage was BOMB! I have a mission to try ALL of their delicious items!

  • Jonathan Foley

    Jeez…your photos are so freeeaking awesome and professional, VegNews should TOTALLY buy and use them in their next publication. You started a shitstorm about nothing. You punched one of the best mainstream proponents of veganism in the stomach without reproach. You should be ashamed, you have no idea what is it like to produce professional food photography or run a nationally distributed magazine.

  • i recently had the bbq jackfruit sandwich and
    wanted to lick the plate clean when nobody was looking.
    i refrained. but next time……….

  • ah ha ha ha ha!!!! this is MY CRAPPY PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY 🙂 i even said to qg in my email “sorry for the crappy photos, maybe one day i’ll grow up and get a real camera!” qg folks themselves actually shoot great photos.

  • do you know what quick bites are? they are posts sent in by READERS and are usually taken with their cell phones!

    i didn’t take these pix, and they aren’t supposed to be professional.

    sometimes i have amazing phtoos on this blog. sometimes i have blurry cell phone pix. guess what? they’re all vegan!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Some of us are glad she raised the issue, so we can agree to disagree.

    “sometimes i have amazing phtoos on this blog. sometimes i have blurry cell phone pix. guess what? they’re all vegan!”

    Which is much appreciated!! 😀

  • Yes, they certainly are appreciated. I always enjoy the photos as well as the written reports!

  • Jonathan Foley, *you* should be ashamed for bashing someone who’s clearly running an excellent blog. Also, I’m sure VegNews probably couldn’t even AFFORD to purchase QG’s pics, like you so kindly recommended, as they’re mainly concerned with saving money and mostly post photos of actual animal products on their site.

    I just recently went to Sage Bistro and I cannot wait to go back. The Jack Daniels BBQ Jackfruit sandwich is AWESOME. And their prices are reasonable! Plus, they’ve got the whole KindKreme thing going on, which is amazing in and of itself…

  • What a cool place, if I ever get to CA I will pay it a visit. It is so good to see such a quality vegan restaurant out there. Superb!

  • My hubby and I recently hit Sage too and loved it! We got the lentil soup with artichoke crustini, the (above) green bean casserole and the chicken picata with asparagus. Thought slightly over-salted, all 3 were delicious and we can’t wait to go back!

  • Just ate there on Saturday,
    The Buffalo Croquettes were such a great starter we were nervous about the entrees being as good.

    Nothing disappointed,the Seitan Piccata was off the hook delicious, the salad with Seitan strips was spicy and delicious as was the Green Bean and Portabella Casserole.

    We finished with amazing desserts of three layer cheescake, coffee ice cream and coffee all around.

    The service and ambiance were spot on. We are regulars at Shojin and Madeline bistro as our dinner vegan spots of choice and Sage goes right to the top of that list!!!

  • I had it today and I did! (Well, I licked my fingers clean, at least.) My cute, hip waitress then sent somebody else over with the bill XD

    But hey, it was totally worth it! Awesome place.

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