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    April 3rd, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), NYC

    hey peeps! time for another nyc field report from jl goes vegan. i’m loving her reports because they’re all so honest…especially this one. enjoy:

    Recently on Twitter my friend Noelle, planning a trip to NYC, asked for a restaurant recommendation that was friendly to the omnivore, the vegetarian and the vegan. I suggested Josie’s East, based on my previous dining experiences with my omnivore husband when I was a vegetarian (not vegan), as we both have enjoyed several delicious, “comfort food” dinners there.

    Over the weekend Noelle coordinated a blogger meet-up at Josie’s East for brunch. Turns out, only the vegans showed up. We may have been better off dining somewhere else.

    There are only a few items on the menu that are completely vegan. I ordered one of them, the Organic Three Grain Vegetable Cheeseburger.

    Organic Three Grain Vegetable Cheeseburger (quinoa, bulgur & couscous) natural cheddar or soy American cheese... 14.75

    First things first. I took that sorry piece of soy cheese off my burger! Then, it was a decent burger. I loved the combination of grains. The burger did fall apart quickly but I’m someone who mixes her food so I didn’t mind a bit as I mashed up pieces of crumbled grains with my brunch potatoes. I passed it around for nibbles and most concurred that it was tasty. My friends all opted for a version of a tofu scramble. My opinion of the burger and their opinion of the tofu scrambles were consistent. Good, not great. We also agreed that the dishes were a bit too pricey for such average food.

    Listen, I am happy (and grateful!) whenever a restaurant tries to offer options to all diners. I give Josie’s East kudos for that. I have enjoyed some tasty meals at dinner at Josie’s East—though not as a vegan—so I’m willing to give them another try. But I will mostly likely turn to another restaurant for brunch.

    Josie’s East
    565 3rd Avenue (at 37th)
    New York, NY 10016
    (212) 490-1558

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  • Wow, how OVERpriced! Eeeewwwww!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Yea, at least some of these places are starting to include a few vegan options.

  • The quinoa burger tasted nice but yes, it was overpriced and not too much to holla about. Oh well, next time we’ll hit Franchia”s!

  • I agree, more and more places are opening up and can offer vegan options. Whatever you do though, don;t say you are vegan. The restaurant always has a panick attack. As for the veggie pizza without the cheese if you know what I mean{:

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