• Gelaaati: A lick and a promise in Barcelona!


    Well, I’ve been living more or less permanently in Barcelona for 9 months now, and had stopped checking out Happy Cow etc, as new places get passed round by word of mouth quicker than they get published. But one thing I missed out on last summer was ice cream. In a hot climate, that’s not clever. Well, I corrected that recently after a Dia Sin Carne demo. I’d heard about how good Gelaaati was, but for some reason never got round to it. I am glad I did is all I can say (dumb ass Monkey I am for waiting so long).

    Nice clean frontage, but no sign of vegan goodies just yet!

    The shop is just off Pl Jaume, just minutes walk from Las Ramblas along from Ferran. The shop front is simple enough, and the inside follows the same idea. Ice cream and fruit sorbets, to eat in or go. And a good selection for vegans.


    As you can see they make a fairly big point of being vegan friendly. And yes, that is double choc ice cream in that picture, and yes, it is vegan. Heaven. The staff know which products are vegan, but ask for veganos not vegan. The reply was quite apt for the day from the Italian owner “These are the meat free ones..” Brilliant timing on Dia Sin Carne!

    So little for so much!

    The menu is simple. Choose which size you want to eat in or go (or a massive pot to take away, which I will be taking a freezer bag in for), pay, get a ticket, and tell the server which ones you want and hand over the ticket. Simples. I like this. When you’ve been in Barcelona a while you may notice that in a lot of places the servers don’t take your money. It’s not that the owners don’t trust staff.. Ahem. Never. No. Course not. They just don’t trust the staff.

    Gimme gimme gimme: Double choc chip and coffee ice cream

    The double choc ice cream really is as good as it looks, made using soya milk and no added sugar. This stuff is like death by chocolate. You really don’t want too much it’s that rich. Along side is the coffee one made with rice milk. Again, it’s superb. And then you need to move to the other end of the massive freezer to find the fresh fruit sorbets. OMFG…

    Fruit sorbets to make your knees wobble

    There are 6 in total that are vegan normally. Mango, strawberry, mandarin, acerola (Cherry), mojito and lemon where on offer this time. What’s available depends on what’s in season and tasting good. Gelaati only use the best ingredients so you can be sure of a taste punch that makes you smile. And boy did I smile.

    Da Daddy. Chocolate, Coffee and Strawberry medium pot. 3-50

    I ordered the medium size, not wanting to be a glutton straight off the bat. Double choc, coffee and strawberry. For me, the perfect combination. The Choc had grainy bits of rich dark chocolate that crunched in your mouth in an OMFG way, the coffee was smooth and fresh tasting, whilst the strawberry was better than eating strawberries at centre court on finals day of Wimbledon, with Anna Kournikova as your guest. Seriously, I think this is the best frozen stuff I have EVER eaten. So how long do you think it took me to eat this little dollop of unctuous wetness? 4 minutes The proof, as I say, is in the eating. And the proof of that is below!!

    Going going GONE! Sub-4minute eat the best by a country mile!

    To summarise: 10/10 for taste, quality, value and the place itself. Everyone is friendly, there’s semi-loud (sometimes even good) music in the background and the place is clean as a whistle.

    I gotta say, I was licking like I’ve never licked before, and I promise. I’ll be back. A lot. Get down to gelaati and let your tongue take you to heaven and back again. You won’t regret it!

    gelaaati! Di Marco
    Calle Llibreteria 7
    Tel: +34 933 105 045
    Open every day 1100-2400
    Pl Jaume Metro

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  • I’m going to be in Barcelona in a few weeks and will be here EVERY SINGLE DAY. Thank you!

  • It looks scrumptious: ALL of it!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Doesn’t it? Wow. Delicious.

    I will be in Barcelona and Madrid next month and these have been super helpful! I cant wait to try every place you posted about.

  • Da Data Monkey

    Glad you like it Lisa! I’ll ask friends in Madrid where to go and let you know. There are also a couple of new places here in Barcelona which hopefully I’ll get to review before you arrive!

  • Good to know, thanks. – Could the “staff not taking the money” observation in fact be related to higiene regulations? Staff can’t handle food and money alternately. Have a look at how they hand you your change in Barcelona-Reyjavik: they have to put little plastic mittens on.

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