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    March 3rd, 2011quarrygirlbay area, more restaurants (not LA), san francisco

    you guys already know how much we LOVE gracias madre, san francisco’s entirely vegan mexican restaurant.

    welp, we checked them out for a second time over the holidays, and i’m happy to report that our meal was just as epic as on our first visit. here are the pictures to prove it…

    eel river blonde and IPA

    we started out with a couple beers from eel river. yes, beer on tap at a vegan restaurant is always a good thing.

    be love farm potatoes roasted with olive oil and garlic, topped with cashew nacho cheese. $6

    next up, an order of the be love farm potatoes, THE BEST POTATOES KNOWN TO MAN. please note that as of yesterday, these are available in los angeles at the newly opened cafe gratitude. roasted to perfection with olive oil and garlic, then smothered in creamy cashew cheese. madness.

    greens con chili y ajo: seasonal greens sauteed with fresh garlic and chiles. $6

    we decided to split a bunch of side dishes as well as a main meal. pictured above are the “greens con chili y ajo,” crisp leafy greens seasoned with garlic and chiles.

    frijoles: seasoned black beans. $2

    we also got an order of madre’s frijoles. these things are real authentic-like and remind me of the non-vegan beans at normal mexican restaurants. i don’t know how they do it.

    no mexican meal would be complete without a side of fresh salsa…

    pico de gallo $4

    and spicy pickled vegetables…

    escabeche: spicy pickled vegetables. $3

    for our main dish, we ordered the “tamal del dia,” which is also now available at cafe gratitude in los angeles.

    tamal del dia: stoneground heirloom masa steamed in the husk filled with today's seaonal selection, served with beans and escabeche. made mojado style with red sauce and cashew cheese. $15

    we got it “mojado style,” which means it was covered in red sauce and cashew cheese. this thing was incredible. soft steamy masa wrapped around butternut squash and served with more of those glorious beans and pickled vegetables.

    seriously dudes, check out gracias madre if you’re ever in san francisco. there’s nowhere else like it.

    gracias madre
    2211 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    Mon-Sun 11 am – 11 pm

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