• Vegan Field Report: Cafe Sunflower in Atlanta Georgia

    March 1st, 2011quarrygirlatlanta, more restaurants (not LA)

    time for another field report by JL goes vegan. this one comes to us from cafe sunflower all the way over in atlanta, georgia. enjoy!

    A few months ago I made reservations for a business trip to Atlanta. I put a call out to my friends on Twitter for dining recommendations and Cafe Sunflower was suggested by many. I now know why.

    Cafe Sunflower is located in Buckhead, a short 15 minute cab ride from downtown Atlanta. There is a groovy atmosphere in the restaurant with red walls, large paintings, curtains and mirrors. The host greeted us warmly and the server, Joe, was friendly and fun.

    We began with the Butternut Squash Soup…

    and Black Bean Chili and Avocado.

    Both dishes were on the “Vegan Gourmet Specials” of the day.

    The soup was creamy and had a savory-sweetness that was hard to identify (a little sweet potato?) I rolled up the thick chili, avocado and corn in the tortillas—the avocado cut the spiciness and made for a perfect cool, zesty bite. We were pleased with both starters.

    My boss ordered another vegan special of the day, the Mushroom Risotto.

    She is Italian, an omnivore and could not imagine what vegan ingredients could make a good risotto. She was surprised and pleased with this spin on an Italian classic (which, by the way, was made with tofu) served with mushroom and broccoli rabe. As for me, someone quite used to eating foods that require quotations marks (vegan “sour cream,” “cheese,” etc.), found the dish to be nearly perfect. The rice and the mushrooms were the celebrated features of the dish and the vegetables, tofu and savory broth simply brought it all together.

    I scanned the Cafe Sunflower menu a few days earlier and I had my heart set on the Southern Polenta Napoleon.

    Grilled coconut cornmeal cake layered with, artichoke hearts, portabella mushrooms, tofu, mock ham and julienne vegetables with a peach coulis.

    This was the downhome vegan dish I was craving. The tofu really is not necessary—though it did grow on me—because the polenta, mock ham and portabella satisfy completely. I may, or may not have, scraped every last trace of the peach coulis up with the polenta.

    I was warned to leave room for dessert.

    My two favorite cakes are carrot and spice. I was able to get two in one with the vegan Carrot Spice Cake. I don’t know how they made it. I don’t care. I gobbled it up.

    If you are a vegan traveling to Atlanta, add Cafe Sunflower to your list of destinations.

    This dinner, which included two starters, two entrees, one dessert and three glasses of wine came to about $75.

    Cafe Sunflower
    2140 Peachtree Road
    Atlanta, GA 30309
    (404) 352-8859

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  • I live in Atlanta and I love Cafe Sunflower.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That looks lovely!! Especially that vegan carrot cake.

  • The black bean chili and avocado looks scrumptious! As does the risotto!

  • Thanks to quarrygirl.com for letting me share my vegan travel eats!

  • Yay ATL. Glad you enjoyed your visit and Cafe sunflower!

    I’m not positive, but quite sure that the mock ham has casein or something… on my last visit the waiter said that dish wasn’t vegan, but that was several months ago. Just commenting so readers will know!

  • Next time try Harmony Vegetarian (http://www.yelp.com/biz/harmony-vegetarian-restaurant-atlanta). I’m a recent transplant to the area and Harmony quickly became my favorite, favorite vegan spot. The menu is huge and *everything* I’ve tried has been delicious (and unlike some of the nicer vegan options in the ATL, it’s 100% vegan).

  • I went to Cafe Sunflower the last time I was in Atlanta, and their food was absolutely fabulous! My friends and I gorged ourselves and enjoyed every minute. So glad you also thought it was pretty darned happening.

  • I have been dying to try the carrot cake at Cafe Sunflower, but haven’t yet. I read somewhere that one piece was 600 calories and I know I would inhale it in one sitting! Cafe Sunflower is next door to my gym, and I know I will definitely be in there soon. Thanks for the wonderful post!

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