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  • I’ve never had a Cadbury Egg. They’ve always looked sickly sweet, even as a young kid. I’d love the opportunity to be proven wrong on this.

  • omg. i want so bad!!!

  • this is cruel.

  • okay, i went vegetarian in August 2009 and vegan this year, january 1. i have been the biggest lover of cadbury eggs since, basically forever, and i always knew it was spring when i had my first uber yummy, dripping, delicious bite. sadly (not so sad, cause, hello, super happy about my vegan choices), that will never be again.

    … unless there is some way to get my hands on this amazing vegan treat!! (this is me, writing a super cute note to you, hoping for a way to place an order, even without the store. slim? probably. necessary? omg so so necessary.)

    enjoy your delicious noms!

  • Da Data Monkey

    UK peeps can get their booty here:


    I first had these at a vegan fayre in London. Ate 3 in one go. Felt sick. They are proper pukka.

  • You are truly the Vegan Devil. Posting this chocoliciousness.

    Just evil.

  • Gina Leemhuis

    I have yet to taste a really good vegan chocolate candy. Please help prove me wrong. :0)

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Okay that sounds delicious!!

  • Really? I think you may not be trying hard enough. The most basic dark chocolate bar is naturally (or “accidentally”, as a lot of people like to say) vegan.

  • Cadbury Creme Eggs were my favorite thing ever. I would happily buy a cool two dozen and pay the ridiculous shipping to NYC without complaint to get my hands on those suckers. Please?!?!

  • Gina Leemhuis

    I hate dark chocolate. I should have specified a good vegan milk chocolate.

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