• the first weekly food truck feast in highland park!


    tuesday evening was pretty awesome because it marked the launch of highland park’s din din a go go, a weekly vegan-friendly truck feast in the parking lot of figueroa produce. i arrived at right at the beginning (5:30pm), and there were already tons of hungry peeps milling around, waiting to get their grub on.

    when i saw the multiple trucks lined up neatly behind figueroa produce to the right, i knew it was gonna be an epic night. all the trucks had vegan items on their menus (many added specifically for this event), so i had a pretty tough time deciding what to order. i chose my meals (yes, i ate multiple meals) depending on who was ready to serve and had the shortest line. first up, lomo arigato.

    tofu lomo saltado: tofu sauteed with onions, tomatoes, french fries, soy sauce, and red wine. served over peruvian rice.

    i went with the tofu lomo saltado: a mix of tofu, vegetables, and french fries all cooked up and served hot over rice. ummmm, FRENCH FRIES in a stir fry on rice?! why have i never thought of this before? it’s brilliant! carbs on carbs with vegetables and tofu, perfect. this dish was so amazing, i’m dying to eat it again. just be sure if you ever order it, to hold off on lomo’s creamy sauce…it isn’t vegan.

    next up, i got some curry from the no tomatoes truck, which was fantastic.

    potato kathi roll combo with samosas.

    i ordered the potato kathi roll, which was basically a scrumptious curry burrito. it came with a drink and a side of baby samosas, which were tasty as hell. they also had a special vegan dal curry for the truck fest, so naturally i had to order that too…

    dal curry with rice

    i loved every last bite of this thing. packed with indian flavors and loaded up with cilantro…you can’t go wrong.

    there were loads of trucks there, and not all of them were serving yet by the time i left, but here are the ones i got pictures of. the ahn joo truck

    their seoultown spuds were vegan, and looked amazing (although i didn’t try them).

    the vizzi truck, which was affixed with flat screen TVs and had vegan sliders on the menu…

    and the rokyo ramen truck

    i’m pretty sad that rokyo was still setting up when i was leaving, because i REALLY wanted to try their vegan ramen. i heard it was incredible though, so i’m gonna have to track this truck down.

    inside figueroa produce, they were offering 10% groceries all night. i stopped in to stock up on some of their vegan goods…

    …and noticed they now sell desserts by luscious organic!

    overall, highland park’s first din din a go go was a HUGE success. there were all kinds of people in attendance and they were all having a blast—locals, parents, kids, hipsters, you name it. everyone working at the trucks and inside figueroa produce was super nice and friendly as well. a huge thanks to all who made this event possible.

    this event is going to happen every tuesday from 5:30-9pm, so GET OVER THERE NEXT WEEK! let’s support all these businesses for carrying vegan options, and eat some damn good food in the process.

    HPK din din a go go
    at figueroa produce
    6312 North Figueroa Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90042
    tuesdays 5:30pm – 9pm

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  • Pretty badass that it’s going to happen every Tuesday evening! See you there!

    God I’m fat

  • The tofu lomo saltado and the dal curry with rice look delicious!

  • Very cool that this will be happening every week

  • If this is happening every Tuesday, I must move back to Eagle Rock asap! This is seriously too cool. The tofu+french fries dish sounds amazing.

  • I also had the potato kathi roll, but it was a bit pricey for street food. I did wait like 45mins for the ramen. The toppings were ‘eh,’ but the broth was noteworthy, and the noodles were very unique and FRESH! Can’t wait for next week’s din din a go go. Thanks for the tip, Quarrygirl!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks great.

  • Looks like a good turnout! Food truck lines scare me sometimes.

    @kawaii38: Yeah, you’d think that food trucks would be a really good deal, like it’d be part of their “thing”, but generally I find them to be even more expensive than restaurants. I guess that’s just what happens when you bring street food to L.A.

  • i had sooooo much fun at this. i think rokyo was having some troubles with their truck which caused them to be late and then behind on prep. all of the food trucks are using a figueroa produce item each week to cook a special menu item. next tuesday it will be fennel which i love so i am really excited.

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