• vegan southern cookout tonight at figueroa produce!

    May 31st, 2011quarrygirlfigueroa produce, LA restaurants

    if you live in los angeles, you best be planning on eating dinner tonight in highland park, because there’s gonna be a vegan southern cookout at figueroa produce!

    come to the vegan cookout!

    to coincide with their weekly (and very vegan-friendly) food truck event, the staff at figueroa produce will be cooking up all kinds of goodness inside the store. menu and prices after the jump. it all looks incredible!

    Two special sandwiches with fresh seasonings and ingredients on fresh baked French bread, toasted with chili butter and garnished with fresh arugula

    Your choice of Po-Boy, as supplies last are:
    Lemon rosemary chicken* Po-Boy with creamy cucumber sauce
    Chili Burger* Po-boy with onion fritter with chipotle mayo
    $7 each

    Side dishes are:
    Hamtastic** Southern Greens (we don’t overcook ’em, we like you to taste the greens!) $4.00 a plate
    Jalapeno chunky cornbread muffins with whole grain corn and wheat flours and fresh corn and peppers (huge hit with the taste testers) $1.50 each or $7 a half dozen

    For kids we have Chicken fingers* in pickle ketchup or barbecue sauce $6.00 for 5 fingers and fresh carrot and celery sticks

    Get a meal with a cornbread muffin, greens, and a Po-Boy for $10.00, or a kid’s plate with Chicken fingers, a muffin, and greens for $9.00

    All the sandwiches are made to order, and all the dishes are prepared with fresh picked, organic herbs and vegetables, locally baked fresh breads, and all recipes made by a very fussy vegan chef to ensure it’s all vegan and delicious.

    *This week we’ll be serving up Fry’s Vegan chicken, hamburger, and chicken fingers. Next week we will be featuring Match Meats.
    ** We use the kobe vegan lunch meat ham for that extra smokey flavor

    a note from the chef: Be sure to ask for things to be “more spicy” and I’ll drop the atomic love sauce on your dinner.

    oooh, sounds epic, doesn’t it?! everyone, please show up for this because if the turnout is good, it will encourage figgy prod to do more vegan events in the future. plus if you haven’t tried fry’s or match meats yet, this is a great chance. both products will rock your socks.

    see you guys there!

    figueroa produce
    tonight 5:30pm – 8pm
    6312 N. Figueroa St.
    Los Angeles, CA
    (323) 255-FOOD(3663)


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  • If it had been yesterday I’d have been all over it, but with work and all that, I can’t make it to Highland Park in time.

    I guess “Din Din A Go Go” is an every-Tuesday thing. It’s too bad an event like that is a day after a perfect opportunity (everyone’s day off).

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Can’t make it over there tonight due to work but it sounds great.

  • I’m going and so are at least 30 other people: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=150514791683337

  • Awesome. I hope you do this more the once!

  • if the response tonight is good it will be bigger and better next time!

  • “figgy prod” 🙂

  • The sandwich, greens and cornbread were good, but I don’t think I’ll be back. It’s a 35 mile round trip from where I live (and a 48 mile round trip for my friend who I carpool with). Then we had to wait about an hour before we got our food. Also, there was no place to sit and eat the food, either inside or outside the store. Not even the food trucks in the parking lot had any tables or seats.

  • Lawrence Ziese replied:

    “Hello there! Our first attempt had a few issues, and we are absolutely going to fix them next time. We will have seating, more grills, and better organization. Thanks for visiting and sorry about the wait!”

  • I must concur with Tony’s comments above. We waited way too long for our sandwiches….and they were deliverd 10 minutes apart, so my husband and I ate separately….standing up…. at the meat counter….staring a bunch of dead flesh.

  • this was the first week and the response was a little more than expected but i am sure everyone will have a better experience next week. thanks for coming and helping the guys at figueroa produce test it out.

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