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    February 5th, 2011quarrygirlchicago, more restaurants (not LA)

    time for another edition of quick bites: where quarrygirl readers send in quick snaps and descriptions of their vegan meals. today’s quick bite comes to us from dana aka the broke-ass bride. she recently spent some time in the windy city and sent us a drool-worthy review of the chicago diner. the all vegetarian-restaurant is legendary in the vegan community, and after dana’s review i am dying to go there!

    As a greek gal, the loss of gyros has been one of my biggest woes of being a vegan. Until I went to Chicago Diner. HOLY OPA! Thinly sliced strips of delicious and juicy seitan, crunchy lettuce, tomato and onion, all atop a buttery, griddled pita… with a side of the most creamy-licious tzaziki sauce imaginable. I ate these way too many times while I was in town. It was like crack. I ate it. It was good. I needed more. MORE! MOOOOORE! It comes with your choice of a side, and I got the “chicken/rice soup” which was equally to die for. I’m definitely going to start experimenting with my seitan recipe at home to try and make something gyro-y like this. Its crazy comforting and delicious. The best part is how they’ve managed to get the edges so crispy, like the kind of gyros that come from a spit. It was incredibly authentic, in the best (and least creepy) way possible…

    Hunter ordered the philly cheesesteak, but opted for regular cheese since he’s a flexitarian. The seitan here was equally delish and moist, but the bun was a bit bulky. Hunter seemed to like it, but not nearly as much as my gyros.

    They also have these incredible “special recipe wings” things which are (as far as I can tell) a softer kind of seitan that must be fried because its got the most delicious, crispy coating to which their buffalo sauce clings like a wee child to his mother. Served with “ranch” sauce and celery… I die.

    for more on chicago diner, check out their website.

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