• UPDATED 2/1/11: a sad update: vegan funyuns no longer at TJ’s

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    UPDATE 2/1/11: i am hearing mixed things about the availability of these funyuns. a worker at the store on sunset told me they were gone, but commentors can still find them at certain trader joe’s locations. plus, a TJ’s employee commented on our older post and said they were still available. what does this all mean? there’s hope.


    it was just over a month ago that we were singing the praises of the trader joe’s vegan funyuns, and they’ve already been retired from the shelf until further notice.

    i’ve had a few different people tweet at me and email me about not being able to find these delicious snacks at their local trader joe’s…but it wasn’t until this comment that reality sunk in. i checked with my local trader joe’s and it’s true: the vegan funyuns (aka baked onion rings) are a seasonal item and are completely gone as of now. here’s to hoping they’ll be back.

    fast forward this video to 38 seconds in, and you’ll know what i’m talkin’ about.

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  • I hate when TJ’s discontinues delicious things! I am still praying that one day I will see my beloved carrot and pea soup back on their shelves.

  • Seasonal? What the hell is seasonal about funyuns?

  • i just bought some last night at the Silver Lake TJ’s. they had a good number of other bags on the shelf so have at it!

  • When I asked my TJ’s about them they had told me that since they were new they didn’t know how they would sell So they only made an allotted amount so they are just out till they get a new shipment……Seasonal? WTF I mean that is about as good as Henry’s only carrying “Dandies” as a seasonal item….Don’t people eat marshmallows all year? Booooooo!

  • I asked a couple weeks ago and was told they were only temporarily sold out, because nobody anticipated the huge demand. Sure enough, I found some just yesterday at the Toluca Lake TJs and grabbed two bags. I’m not sure you should write them off just yet. There may be some misinformation or faulty assumptions going on here.

    In the meantime, how come nobody is reporting that they have VEGAN MOCHI at Trader Joe’s? Nom nom nom.

  • I tried the vegan mochi ice cream and didn’t like it. I think I may be too accustomed to regular non ice cream mochi. Which is probably the reverse for most people here: they all think that ice cream mochi IS the only mochi, and would probably be disgusted by the real deal. You haven’t lived until you’ve had the peanut butter filled mochi from Fugetsu-do.

  • My location in Tustin didn’t have them for many weeks after their initial debut, but they were back last week, and I got a bag. TJs loves to do stuff like this, though.

  • the CC location never had it whenever I looked for it! Maybe when it comes back 🙁

  • There are always Wise Onion rings!
    (and the vegan mochi is good, but the glutinous layer is WAY to thick in proportion to the amount of delicious ice cream inside.)

  • I was afraid this would happen, so when I went to TJ’s after QG’s review, I bought 4 bags and still have one left. : )

  • A few years ago they had this amazing chocolate drizzled peanut toffee that was actually vegan…that shit was AMAZING.

    …and going way back, like 10 years or so – they used to have nice vegan raviolis…they actually had HUMMUS RAVIOLI! …butternut squash ravioli, and a mixed vegetable ravioli. How do we get THOSE back at TJ’s!?!?

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Will have to check my local TJ and see if they have any left.

  • i love mochi and hate (even vegan) ice cream. i had a friend over and asked them if they would like some coconut mochi. they said yes but you shoulda seen their face when they saw that it wasn’t ice cream.

  • The T.J’s near Ameoba has a bunch by the registers as of yesterday.

  • My TJ’s was out of them for a few weeks after they first came out as well but also got a ton back in just the other day. The employee we spoke to said that they didn’t expect them to sell so well and that they should now be getting them in regularly. They were also moved from the New Items section to the chip aisle where they dominated an entire shelf. So, as others have pointed out, maybe all hope is not lost for the vegan funyuns.

  • Yeah, I realized after I posted that hadn’t specified _ice cream_ mochi, but I figured only a few Nihongophiles would take issue with it. Glad I wasn’t let down. 🙂

  • Totally agree about the outside. They could be better. And I wish I could get the chocolate ones by themselves. I’m just grateful they exist at all.

  • the 711-brand onion rings are vegan, too! (but hard to find.)

  • Was JUST at the Silverlake/Los Feliz TJ’s and they had them! Go stock up!

  • i just returned from grocery shopping and received good news from my store in long beach! they were such a hit that many stores sold out; they are not seasonal. the tj in long beach had a fully stocked shelf of it!

  • Noooo! I just got a bag on Saturday…the shelf was stocked…toluca lake.

  • They sell vegan funyuns at CVS. The generic brand there. Can’t remember the name but it’s pretty funny.

  • I tried the vegan mochi that comes in coconut and mango and was really underwhelmed. The whole thing smelled like plastic inside and the “mochi” was made from tapioca, so it was stiff and crumbly, not at all sticky and soft. It’s from Thailand so maybe that’s how it is there. In health food stores they normally have the whole grain, Grainaissance, kind which is good grilled or cooked another way.

    It’s traditional to eat omochi for new year’s so be sure to get some. I normally get a big bag from a Japanese grocery store and freeze the rest.

  • I remember when you first wrote about these and I looked for them and I’ve never seen them! I go to Trader Joes probably more than any other store…

  • Trader Joe’s in Hollywood has a shelf of them as does the Pasadena one on Arroyo Parkway.

  • Spoke to the stocker at Hollywood TJ and he said they were ‘temporarily out of stock’ but getting more!

  • Spotted today (and purchased) at TJ’s Burbank Location (Alameda & San Fernando).

  • Just found loads of vegan funyuns at the Ventura TJ’s. I take it as a good sign for other locations in southern CA…

  • I love these things! I was so excited when I first saw them because I love Funyuns but stopped eating them years ago because of the garbage ingredients. My TJ’s in Woodland Hills has plenty and it appears they will be a regular item now 🙂 wooo hooo

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