• vegan funyuns: trader joe’s baked onion rings!

    December 24th, 2010quarrygirlother, products

    xmas came early this year in the form of VEGAN FUNYUNS from trader joe’s!

    i don’t know if you’ve ever eaten the original frito-lay creation, but i used to love them back in the day. it’s like an onion ring got together with a potato chip and had a bag of delicious babies…funyuns! unfortunately, real funyuns contain dairy and i haven’t eaten them in about ten years, so imagine my excitement when i saw this thread in the qg forums talking about a new breed of vegan funyun-style snacks at trader joe’s! of course i had to try them out…

    the new snacks at trader joe’s are called baked onion rings, but don’t let the word “baked” fool you into thinking these things taste (or are) healthy in any way.

    OMFGeeeeeeeeeee, deliciousness! these are even better than the snack i remember. they are definitely thicker than real funyuns, with a sweet onion flavor that’s lacking in the original. i could eat an entire bag of these things, and just did, in one sitting. DANGEROUSLY GOOD, i’m telling you!

    so get over to trader joe’s and buy some “baked onion rings” STAT. your inner funyun-loving fat kid will be forever grateful.

    gotta love trader joe’s!


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  • Lol! Great video!

  • 3 bags in 3 days but I did share with co-workers!

  • Can’t wait to try them!

  • That video is funny because it’s all true.

  • I like turtles. And funyans!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Must try these soon.

  • It’s the same free sample five days in a row.. preach (I’m the person that goes to TJ for the free sample (if vegan, which is rare) and coffee with soy creamer and walks right back out)

    If you look at that guy’s other youtube uploads it says he directed the fucking Christmas Hershey’s Kisses Bells commercial too

  • Hey Quarrygirl in this post you said you used to love Funyuns but haven’t eaten them in about ten years since they aren’t vegan… but in your post in the forum thread you say you NEVER had funyuns.. which is it?? Will the real quarrygirl please stand up?

  • i have had them before! but i definitely over-exaggerated my love for the original in this post. i really like this new TJs product though…

  • THE hershey’s bells commercial?!

  • I haven’t had the TJ’s version, but may I recommend Wise onion-flavored rings? Just $2 for a giant bag & I always liked ’em better than buttermilk-laden funyons anyway.

  • Yes, yes, yes….Discovered these on 12/23 as I was running last minute xmas errands…must have blacked out for a bit, because I woke up in my driveway with the car running, my chest covered with onion flavored crumbs and the bag was empty…don’t vegan-funyon and drive.

  • Boy, are these good! And they’re gluten-free as well as vegan! Looks like I’ll be shopping at Trader Joe’s a little more frequently now. Thanks, QG, for letting us all know about this excellent product!

  • Didn’t need to get any more Trader Joe’s Baked Onion Rings because I got 4 bags yesterday, but I returned to shop there today mainly because this product is so good, and because I was able to read about it HERE, otherwise who knows how long it would have taken me to discover it! Thanks again, QG, for that review! (When a grocery store carries something this impressive, I just wanna go back if it’s within easy walking distance, which TJ’s is!)

  • My husband and I are enjoying a bag now. Soooo delicious! I like them way better than Funyuns or the Wise version. They’re big, crunchy, light, not overly spiced, perfect. I’ll be buying buying these often. I also love Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil.

  • I can’t find these anywhere. 🙁 Help!

  • Have been searching for days at various TJ stores and just found out they are seasonal. Meaning we have to wait til next holiday season. Bummers! Clerk suggested that we write TJ corp ofc to have popular snack stocked on shelf on a regular basis

  • Don’t know why someone told you these were seasonal. I just stocked the shelf with them yesterday 01-31-11. They were popular and the warehouse stock sold out quickly. We got more from the manufacturer so come on in and get some!

  • i was told they were seasonal too….at the weho store.

  • i just bought some on monday at the silver lake store

  • Jeff, clerk at Westchester store told me they were seasonal but then stumbled a cross the signage on empty shelf and was told the the warehouse was out but happen to be there when a truck pulled in 🙂

    Quarrygirl, Eureka! 3 stores later I found them at Culver City. Stocked up and bought a whole shopping bag full = 6 bags! Nabbed them right before Super Bowl Sunday…lol

  • Nice. got a few myself in Culver City

  • Finally got my hands on these (east coast) and hated them. I’m gonna stick withthe Wise Onion rings 😉

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