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    January 14th, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), NYC

    vegan field report time! this one comes to us again from kris of veganscraps. she’s done us the favor of reviewing yet another awesome NYC vegan find, v-note. enjoy!

    So, today I made my way over to 1st avenue on the Upper East Side to try a new vegan restaurant called “V-Note“, which is partly owned by the same owner as the Blossom restaurants (Cafe Blossom UWS/Blossom Chelsea). I love the Blossom restaurants so I had to try this one and review it.

    V-Note is only a few blocks away from Candle Cafe and Candle 79, which poses a little competition on the UES for Vegan restaurants. I came into V-Note expecting to compare it to the Candle Restaurants…but I have to say that I find each restaurant to be unique in its own way, although the prices and portion sizes are similar. Now let’s get to the review.

    V-Note opens at 12 and I arrived about 15 minutes early. it was a bit chilly outside so the VERY kind staff allowed me to go ahead and come in and order a hot tea. I took them up on that :). They offer a big menu with a lot of variety: breakfast items on the weekend, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, delicious entrees, juices, and desserts.

    Potato Salad: Small Chunks of Potato Salad, Shitake Mushrooms, with fresh herbs mixed together to form a delicious side. $6

    I decided to start off and try the potato salad. This was very tasty! All of the spices and herbs just jump out at you from first bite. Yes the portion size may be a bit small for $6, but that is fine dining at its best my friends! Expect nothing less for vegan and organic bistro style dining on the UES.

    Seitan Quarter Pounder with a Side Salad: House Made Seitan Burger with Pickles, Tomatoes, Onions, Cheese and V-Note Special Sauce. $14

    After a delicious potato salad I had high hopes for the sandwich I had been eyeing since I first found the menu online, the seitan quarter pounder. This sandwich was huge and amazing! The burger is not like a normal straight up seitan patty, it also has veggies mixed in. It all melts in your mouth with so many fresh herbs mixed inside! I got mine served on Whole Grain Bread but they normally serve it on a Sesame Bun…which I’m sure is equally as good.

    Chocolate Pecan Cookie: Healthy Flour with Fresh Pecans and Chocolate Chips. $1.50

    For dessert I got a “Chocolate Pecan Cookie” ($1.50) Healthy Flour with Fresh Pecans and Chocolate Chips.” OH MY WORD! This cookie was the best cookie I’ve ever eaten! I think even non vegans would adore this cookie! It’s not normally on their menu, but they were kind enough to find a way for me to order one.. gosh, so sweet:)

    All in all, this was a delicious meal! I’m so glad I got over there to try it today. The staff is some of the friendliest and most attentive around, very helpful and everyone had a smile on there face! Just what I like to see when I’m sitting down to a delicious healthy meal! I will Definitely be back!! Everyone should give this place a try! I promise you wont be disappointed!!! Get the word out friends!! Eat Clean and Healthy 🙂 🙂

    1522 1st Avenue
    New York, NY 10075
    (212) 249-5009
    Daily 12pm – 12am

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