• i can’t get enough of hard times pizza!

    January 14th, 2011quarrygirlhard times pizza co, LA restaurants

    as vegan pizza day rapidly approaches, it’s important that i blog about as much vegan pizza as possible.

    i have raved about the vegan ny-style pizza by the slice from hard times in silverlake before, and after sharing some pies with a group of friends, i’m an even bigger fan. not only did the pizza taste terrific, but it was enormous and moderately priced.

    yes, hard times has beer as well!

    we hit them up on a thursday lunch time and pretty much had the place to ourselves. there were 6 of us dining together, so we called in two large 18″ vegan pizzas to share–one cheese and mushroom (pictured above), and one plain cheese…

    with 8 massive slices to each pie, we ate as much as we possible could and still ended up having half a pizza left over. seriously, everything was so good. the pizza was even better than i remember it being by the slice, maybe because this was baked fresh from scratch.

    the best part of the whole thing was, two giant pizzas were only $33! i am used to paying like $20-$30 for ONE vegan pizza (and certainly not as big as 18″) at other joints in town. hard times charges NORMAL pizza prices without the annoying “vegan tax” that we’ve grown so accustomed to.

    i have a few favorite places to get vegan pizza in los angeles, and hard times is definitely on that list. go check them out immediately for reasonably-priced and incredibly delicious ny-style pie. you won’t be sorry!

    hard times pizza
    2664 Griffith Park Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
    (323) 661-5656

    PS: they have a happy hour (i think at 4pm) where beers are $2. wee!

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  • Seeker of the Truth

    The vegan tax is the worst part about being vegan. It makes me want to smash things.

  • i can’t wait to try this out. thanks for always giving us the best spots!!! you rock!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    The pizza looks great!!

  • That pizza looks amazing!!!
    going there tonight!

    Also, an interesting analysis of PETA by unpopular-vegan-essays. Worth the read and thinking about…


  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I took a look at the article you referenced.
    I am someone who knows nothing about PETA. I mean, I drive by their billboards in Los Angeles like everyone else, but I don’t know anything about the actual organization or how it operates.
    I guess I am one of those vegans who just feels glad that someone is out there visibly doing something to try and stop the cruelty of fur coats or whatever. But I have to admit to being pretty uninformed beyond that as to how these groups work.
    At any rate, food for thought, thanks for the link.

  • I just tell myself that it’s the coincidence of vegan-friendly places using all quality ingredients, and that EVERYTHING at that place is expensive, even the non-veggie stuff.

    When I get Buy 1 Get 1 Zpizza on Tuesdays and it’s still over $20, I just have to keep repeating, “It’s all organic, it’s all organic, it’s not because it’s vegan…”

  • They do good things and they do really silly things. Mostly silly things. Like protesting certain video games (give me a break).

  • This New Yorker vegan pizza lover is not feeling this place. I love and appreciate all of your new hook-ups Qgirl but this place reminded me of what it was like before daiya and teese: Hard Times for pizza loving vegans. And the only NY pizza the dough and crust tasted like to me was NY elementary school cafeteria pizza. Also, while the 3 people behind the counter were very friendly and nice, when I asked if they used a separate cutter for vegan pizza, they all looked confused and then said they didn’t think so, but if I wanted one they probably could. I’m going to Follow My Heart and go to places that aren’t using crappy vegan cheese and know that using a cutter that slices cow cheese and pepperoni just ain’t cool on vegan pizza!

  • oh yikes! thanks for the tip on the pizza cutter. that’s pretty gross. i will ask them about that next time i’m there.

    about the FYH cheese…i’m usually not a fan, but i think hard times does a great job with it! yes, i still prefer teese…and daiya…and cheezly (RIP).

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